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Need some help!!

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Anyone know where I can get two round air damper vents - like you see on the Weber kettles? Weber's site doesn't have them listed, and I can't seem to locate anything similar anywhere else...

Any leads will be greatly appreciated and earn you a cold adult beverage! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I saw this one listed on eBay a while back, it is not the same as Webers, but similar -

Here is the listing -
Maybe something you can email the seller and see if they still have the product.
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See. Shoot up a flare and help arrives in no time. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Thanks for the quick response... this place rocks!

Unfortunately, I need something smaller. That one is 7" diameter, I'm looking for something maybe half that size. I'll contact the guy and see if he has something smaller. Thanks again for the lead!
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Just call Webers customer service and they can be bought from them. Weber has a flat $5 fee to ship anything. I can measure full sized kettle vent diameter as well as WSM vent diameters. They are different. When we know which you want I should have part #'s in owner's manuals.

Let me know, been real busy around here but will get back and do whatever you need.
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Thanks Chad... the Weber ones will work... this is for a mod on my new ECB. Thanks for the help!
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Post detailed pics of the mod when you get it completed.
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Hey Phil, do you want just the vents or the hardware as well. There is a damper, a nylon damper handle, and then two or three fastening pieces. The whole assembly is probably pretty cheap and might be the easiest and as mentioned above the shipping is $5 bucks no matter what ya get.

I responded to your PM as well, but once again my apologies for the delay. I looked at this again yesterday because I had been absent a couple days and somehow was under the impression I was waiting on you. Go figure.
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My owners manual didn't have what I would consider a regular part # to pass along so I just called Weber for you. The whole damper assembly is about $2.50 for ea. damper you need. I didn't get an exact number because the computers were being updated so she couldn't look it up. They should be up and running soon for you to order they said.

I was either wrong on shipping or it has went up. Still not bad, $7 shipping for anything from a washer to a kettle lid. Kind of odd, but that's how they do it. I guess it is a good deal if your the guy that needs a lid. icon_neutral.gif

So, just call them and tell them you need however many round damper assemblies for a 22 ½ inch kettle. I will also add this, for some reason Weber is kinda odd about selling some parts to non-owners for projects sometimes. My advice would be to be ordering them to replace some bent ones on an old kettle. rolleyes.gif It's just easier, but that's up to you. I myself can live with telling a little white lie to Weber. icon_mrgreen.gif

Weber Replacement Parts--- 1-800-446-1071

Good luck and just let me know if you need anything else Phil.
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why don't you call Weber and ask if you can buy two from them, if not ask them who sells them.

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Thanks for the info Chad, I just ordered a set from them. The hardware package is set up for 3 dampers, so I ordered 3 dampers... a man can't have too many spares now, can he? PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

As soon as I get them, the envisioned mods to the new ECB will be complete... WOOOHOOO!

Stay tuned...
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Congrats Hawg! Let's us know how it works for you!
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Hawg, sorry I didn't see your post earlier, I bought a small sheet of some .025 thick aluminum from a hardware and built my own, I ended up putting two and I have great temp control
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No problem Phil, glad to help. I'm sure you will, but we're gonna need to see the mods ya know. icon_wink.gif Good luck with the ECB!
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