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mmmmmmmmm......ribs.....thanks jeff

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I haven't posted in a while, cause I haven't smoked anything at home in awhile. My smoker was kidnapped.

I smoked some ribs awhile ago for a friend of mine and he wanted me to cook for his little girls 3 year old bday party. So he had his bro pick up my smoker and hauled it away. A month later I got her back home after some negotiation. He thought I would be ok with him keeping smoker as long as he bought the meat and I cooked it. It would be ok if he lived close, but he lives 30+ miles away.

Anyway, today I cooked up 3 slabs of spare ribs, a 4.5 pork shoulder, and 2 fatty's for 11 people. That was plenty of food.....I also had cheesy potatoes and some spoon bread with fresh sweet corn kernels off the cob. I have to give thanks to Jeff (Thank you Jeff) PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif for the dry rub (I haven't tried his bbq sauce yet), everyone who has eaten my ribs, that I have rubbed down with his rub, have had nothing but great things to say about them. They always turn out awesome. If anyone has reservations, throw them out the window. If you don't like them alittle spicy leave out the hot stuff. The rub is awesome!!!

I was afraid I would have too much pulled pork left over, but at the end of the night it was all gone (darn it!) So much for sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. Just a few ribs left.

I would have had pics after everything was done and ready to be served, but the crowds were like a bunch of scavengers. I couldn't keep them out of the food line long enough to get some pics

Well here are some pics of da food.
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Looks great beerivore! Yeppers Jeff's rub and sauce are really great. Easy to tailor to your own taste!

Don't you just hate it when friends borrow your stuff and think it's okay to keep it until you ask for it back a few dozen times? Drives me mad! icon_evil.gif
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All the meats look excellent, good work !!!

Quick question though, what the heck is that Fat Tire in the bottom of your fridge? I have never heard of that before, I am assuming it is beer.....
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Yeah it's an ale out of Colorado. I have some friends that like it alot. It has a kinda darker hoppy flavor, the bottle says "toasty". I don't personally care for it, but after a few it all tastes the same..PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif ...right?

Here's a link that doesn't say alot about it, but hey something is more than nothing.
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Marty -

Flat Tire is an ale that very popular out west. Kind of a cross between an IPA and brown ale.
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It looks good! I know what you mean about having trouble taking PICs while smoking/entertaining, for something that is supposed to be relaxing and soothing, it sure can get hectic!
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Looks awesome. . .ribs are next on my schedule!

Also, I love a fridge that has 1/3 dedicated to beer!!
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That may have been just a little bit of overflow from the other two beer fridgescool.gif
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Great looking smoking adventure. Congrats on your success.
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Hey Debi, I have been altering Jeff's rub and I THOUGHT I was gettin it to where it was just right to ME, last weekend I found out that "something" was WAY too much. Now, if I only knew what it was? 25 years ago, I "loaned" my clay pigion(dang, I dont know how to spell this, you KNOW what I mean) thrower to, "a, friend?" golly, now its his. Darn people, I guess they forget that some day, they go back home to God. icon_rolleyes.gif Terry
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