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GOSM Runs Hot...Thinking of Adding Vent(?)

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Need some opinions please...

I've got a GOSM 3405BGW that runs hot. The lowest temp I'm able to achieve under any scenerio is around 275-285 degrees. I've read the instructions thoroughly and consulted w/ the manufacturer.

The 1st CFM customer service rep said that the regulator was bad & they'd send another. They didn't, so I called back and got a guy who said:

1.) The 1st person I spoke w/ is "new" and is "wrong"
2.) "275 is the lowest temperature one can hope to achieve w/ this unit"

SO... icon_idea.gif I'm considering adding another vent in the top of the unit to help bleed off some heat in hopes that I can get it to stabilize at around 225-250.

Think it'll work?
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i have the big block which has one on top and one on each side towards the bottom. Those stay open just a little bit while the top stays wide open, I can easily get just about any temp needed. Yours does need to be modified and if you do a modifications on GOSM search here, you will find how people have done it. Just be careful and good luck.
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Are you measuring the temp with the stock thermo? They can be off by a great amount. I can run my GOSM as low as 175F. The "new" person is right and you should be sent a regulator.

Hope this helps.

BTW - I love your avatar.

Take care, have fun, and do good,


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Check with a digital thermo. to verify the temp. Sometimes I have to turn the temp knob from high to off to get a low temp / flame for when I am smoking salmon (about 170*). But mine has been off by as much as 40* at higher temps.
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My 3405BGW has been easy to control without any modification except the two thermometers I installed, one low, the other higher. The one on the door proved to be "in the ball park" but not accurate. Most of those type are off, some a good bit.
Ambient temperature will cause smoker temp. differences. If it is hot outside you will see more heat inside the smoker.
I would recommend you install at least one other thermometer on your smoker. Then, use a digital that has a probe for the meat AND a probe to measure internal smoker temp.. You may find your smoker is OK, or you may find you need a new regulator.
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Add some accurate thermometers like PeculiarMike said - and I did myself.

The door thermometer on the GOSM is purely decorative and should not be trusted. It is also very possible that you got a defective regulator and I would pursue that issue until one arrives on your doorstep.


Little holes are much easier to repair than big gaping ones... PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
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Thanks Guys. I've done some arm twisting with the "good people" at CFM and the new regulator is on the way.

I knew from reading the forums not to trust the red factory-supplied GOSM thermometer, but I'd never considered the temperaure difference between the top rack and the bottom rack. Last time I smoked I used an ET-7 (1 in the pork loin & 1 in the top of the smoker) and an oven thermometer hanging from the top rack where the meat was sitting. So I only know how hot it was at the top of the unit.

I'll install the new regulator and experiment a little 1st, but either way I'll add 2 gauges like you guys have done.

Thanks for the ideas and the pix! I'll let y'all know if the new regulator resolves the issue.

I appreciate it!
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There is a big difference between top and bottom rack in my GOSM. I rotate every hour when doing fish.

This is just after my first rotation:

Here is the whole thread:
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Glad to hear you have a new reg on the way!
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I'm sort of having the same problem. At the lowest setting I can get about 220 for the first 3-4 hours, after that I can't keep the temp below 275. I use a digital thermometer and set it to beep at 250. I have to open the door just a little bit and let it cool.

I'm looking for a way to keep the temp down, I'll let you know if I come up with something.

Cheers, Lager
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