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Simple but good

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I am new to the whole smokeing thing I have seen ut done once and decided to get my own smoker and give it a shot. It was not a world class brisket but it was still great. I could live off of a diet consisting of meat only but my wife still wants me to be part rabit. To make her happy I cut up potatoes onions and carrots added butter (I am not scared of fat) salt and pepper wrapped up in foil and smoked for about 2 1/2 hours very simple to make and if your a meat eater like me it goes good with your beef. At the same time I also smoked sweet potatoes for the young one all I did for that was chop up the sweet potatoes add cinnamon sugar and butter. I do not eat sweet potatoes but the smell alone made me try them I think I will eat sweet potatoes from now on.
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Sounds like you had a great smoke and discovered something new at the same time. Good job.
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Welcome. Why don't you jump over to Roll Call and introduce yourself. Be sure to sign up for the 5 day course. It is definitely worth taking.
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Welcome to the SMF. The more you smoke, the more you learn. On the sweet tater, try adding powdered honey in place of the sugar, a whole new taste!
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Sounds like an awesome idea. Welcome to SMF!
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Everything's good in the smoker!
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