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1st Time Smoking Suscess With CB Silver Smoker

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I must say I have been blessed by the smoking Gods to be able to go from box to burn and produce what everyone said were great pork ribs on the first try.

I did all the modifications indicated for the CB SS and held my breath as I began my 1st smoking of anything. I placed 5 full racks of ribs on the grate and let her go. The unit preformed well. There is a ton of leaks in the unit around the stack and smoker body hole and around the doors however with minimal effort I maintained 220 degrees. Like a first time papa I babyset the unit and got used to what was needed to provide a steady heat. I also had to rotate the ribs because the 5 racks were kind of overlapping. The unit never got above 250 while adding new coals and only dipped below 200 on a couple of occasions ( I was cooking on what became a very windy day). I found that adding coals and hickory wood at 3 hour periods kept the temp constant. I imagine that the wind was lowering temps and burning my coals faster.

After 6 hours I produced ribs that tasted like smoked ham with BBQ sauce on it. Everyone couldn't believe the taste.

The problem I encountered was a grease hole that allowed grease to be blown by the wind all over my deck. I found that using a small piece of rope knotted on the end to hold it inside the smoker allowed the grease to flow down the rope and into the container. I plan on purchasing a door seal for the main smoker body and possably building a coal basket.

All in all I was a happy Smokin Smokeater
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Congratulations on a successful smoke. You will now be expected to produce superb food regularly, because you are now the "BBQ Guy". Feels great doesn't it.
Don't forget those Q-views though.
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yeah, where's the pics? good job still.
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Congrats on your successful first smoke! Feels great when it all comes together! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Congrats Smokin Smokeater! 5 racks on a first smoke is pretty good! Most people do a chicken. Good job!
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Good job!! We still need photographic proof!!icon_wink.gif
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It sounds like your cook went very well indeed.icon_razz.gif
I have a similar smoker and am curious about your constant temp control. I have some noobie questions and perhaps you can help.

Do you start the cook with a full chimney of CC?
Do you use a CC basket?
when you add the CC when needed, do you light it first?

If you or anyone else can shed some light it would help very much.

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Smokin Smokeater I originally built a 12"x12"x12" coal box for my silver smoker but ended up cutting it down to 10" tall to be able to get it in & out of the fire box easier. If I were building another I would go 12" wide x 10" long x 10" high. And you are correct in that they do leak badly but still maintain fairly even temps.
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