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My 1st FATTY

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I have a fatty on for the 1st time. You all keep talkin about how good they are but I would like to know about how long to smoke him & what the internal temp should be.
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temps I am running

just below the grate I am staying close to 200 degrees. the lid temp has been about 175 degrees & the oven thermometer right next to fatty has been 275 on the top rack in the smoker
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Are you watching the internal temp of the fatty also?

Are you making your fatty plain or did you add a few ingredients?
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faatty is plain & check temp when I turn the ribs & wings

Fatty is Plain & rolled in a little rub. Last check it was 160 degrees inside @ 2 hours. Now it is @ 2 1/2 hours & will check in about 1/2 hour for temp. (I don't want to look until I need to let the smoke out to turn the ribs & wings)
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eat it! I think yer fine now.
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He is off & resting

I'll be slicing & eating him right after I mop the ribs & turn & bast the wings.
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now I see what everyone is talkig about

mmmmmmmm tasty
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to bad I only did 1

I've eaten almost the whole thing myself. ////////the wife got 1 slice.
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Sounds like me when I do ABTs........PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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We all knew it was your first fattie cause you only put one in the smoker LOL

They get eaten up too fast
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Sounds good, It goes great with beer while smoking. One tip, theres always
room for 2 or 3 or more on the smokerPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Aint that the truth!
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experience teaches much

It was my First fatty.
My LAST single fatty.
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Funny how that always seems to happen! icon_lol.gif
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One thin slice of that fatty and those same neighbors will be out there holding the light for you. Congrats on the success.
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