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Today's Mission

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A day long smoke PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
phase one-Butt at 0700hrs
phase two-Spare Ribs(3-2-1) at 1100hrs
phase three-two Fatty at 1400hrs(subject to chance, might do another at
1000hrs to snack on)
Mission completion time-who cares, have plenty of fuel(Miller-Lite and

Phase one is off to a good start, was rubbed last night and saran wrapped for an early wake up call

And for the warriors,Lt Butt, Sargent Rib and Private Fatty at the end of a hard day I have refreshments waiting for them also
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Phase one is well underway , charcoal used the Minion plan of attack with
chunks of hickory and chips of mesquite in the formation. as you can see the smoke is rolling on the battlefield PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif

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It looks like you have the troops well under control. Smoke on!
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Well the Butt has done well in battle so far but it is tired and resting in the
plateau, so I have sent in the Ribs and some flap tasters. They are backed up by apple juice spray, foil and T-bones sticky apple rub for the last assault .

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That is an awsome looking feast you have going today !!!
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my own started @ 6:30 AM 0600

Put together a new formulation of rub for the ribs & rubbed & wrapped em. also bagged a dozen wings with storebought wing sauce & rolled a fatty in the new rub (my 1st fatty)
9:30 0930 checked charcoal supply & found it low off to the hardware to get an ample supply.
10:30 1000 pulled meat from fridge to come up to room temp & loaded & lit charcoal chimney with charcoal briquettes.
11:15 1115 dumped chimney & added cowboy lump charcoal & brining smoker up to temp.
11:30 1130 scrub & oil grates & let it continue up to temp. (going slow so added more cowboy dang wind anyway)
11:45 close enough they're goin on [IMG]
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Looking good there Blackhawk PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

is it done yet....i'm hungry!
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Looking forward to finished feast
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The butt has left the plateau and rejoined the battle on it's way to 200°
The ribs have been foiled and two Fatty's have been called to the front lines
for support

I hope the ribs didn't battle to long in the first hours of 3-2-1, they had almost a 1/2 pull back on the bones when they retreated to the foil. PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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Well it's 1800 hrs and the battle is over, I hope I didn't let the ribs battle to
long in the first phase of 3-2-1. They look good but have quite a bit of pull back but the bones are falling out

The butt has finished it's battle and is ready to be "pulled" from duty

I will keep you informed later as the commander (wife) gives the ribs a taste test
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Well the Ribs passed the taste test and the Butt has been pulled and the troops are on stand down. It was a good battle plan PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

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Way to go from Bravo Company! Looks great Blackhawk. Mission is a success! Carry on.

Keep Smokin
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If ya need air support, call in the CrewDawgs! We'll carpet every area in theater with saturation slobber.................PDT_Armataz_01_38.gif
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Love your sig line, I did call in Air Support, the B52's struck about a mile from
base camp, you can see the smoke rising from the battlefield and I can tell you the ground was shaking

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Back in Nam (before my time), 52's carried 109 750 lbers. Serious tonnage!
Without the big belly mod, they carry 54.
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WOW, the food looks FANTASTIC Blackhawk; quite inspiring! Thanks also for the great narration! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
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Great smoking adventure with amazingly good looking results. Send me a pvt message if the troops need additional support in disposing of the meat selections.
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We loved them in Nam,they flew in formations of three and there accuracy was incredible. They were great for anything on the ground or below it( we had a lot of tunnel complexes). When they came on the emergency channel and called "Arc Light Strike" and gave the coordinates and you were flying in the area you you the hell out of dodge, oh yeah they also made good LZ's in
the junglePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great job Blackhawk you earned your wings on this mission!

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