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How Long It Lasts

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By all means, I'm not trying to start a war here. But, how long does a 20 lb tank last for smokes? Do you keep a spare handy? I can get a full spare for $40 (includes tank & gas)

I'm asking cause I'm just curious. Want to get another (without the better half knowing) and doing some research. I've only used wood or charcoal (except for the gas grill).
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You should be able to get 24-36 hours or so on a 20 lb. tank. It will vary somewhat with the ambient conditions and of course what temp. you are smoking at. I can't speak for any gassers besides the GOSM Big Block, but when the wind was up you had to keep it humpin' to hold 225°-240°. This was even more true the cooler it gets. Cold itself takes very little away from the performance of the GOSM though.

I always keep a spare around. What I did was buy a 30 lb. tank that I usually cook on and keep a 20 lb. for a spare. It's worked for me. It costs $12 and some change to fill the 30 lb. tank around here.
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Great info Chad. Thanks many. Just worried about the wind. Back yard and deck face west (where I do all the smoking) and guess where all the weather comes from.....west to east. Got a handle with the WSM and kettle, but a gasser.... may need a wind break if I decide to go with one.
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Depending on the gasser you get you should have no issues.

My GOSM faces directly West and I have not had a single issue since May when I got it....I may have to fabricate a break for the Winter, but not until it is proven I need it.

I have 2 - 20 gallon tanks. I keep one hooked to the GOSM and one to the gas frill which gets used hardly at all now. I average about 35 - 40 hours smoke time on a tank. When the GOSM tank goes dry - I swap out the grill tank in it's place.

The price you are getting your tank for is average here - and the 30 gallon is $69 brand new filled.
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After today, I know which type I'm gonna get...Don't tell Laura! BTW, what's a gas frill? confused.gifwink.gif Still gonna shoot that darn deer!
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