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Regarding the char griller, I'd be happy to forward measures and pics. Much like the smoker you built, it is well made. Ben can modify it in many configurations. It is really quarter inch plate and cutting and welding skills that are all too rare in this day.
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do you remember about what it cost to add it to your smoker package ? and do you use it alot or is it more just eye candy ? a few pix would be nice !!! but dont go out of your way ..... im going to cook 3 6-8 pound buttts this weekend saturday night im thinking! going to have the out-laws over for a bbq on sunday !!! thanks for the heads up on the q-test in nelsonville oh i would love to come down and taste all the food to compare how contest q is to mine .... october is far enough away to make plans !!!!!
oh i know what i wanted to ask you is what wood besides apple do you mostly cook with i have mostly oak and wild cherry and some ash just wondering what you enjoy on your butt,,,thanks jerry icon_eek.gif
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g 3 get you some pecan wood and you will a big diffrence in the taste of your meat.
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I use Wild Cherry for everything and love it.
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g 3 I forgot to say very nice job on that smoker PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Are you asking about the char griller? If so, Ben elongated the trailer to accomodate the griller and the wood bin.......about $500.
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Did not mean to post here. Thanks
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very cool smoker- just an idea.... what about splitting the top rack (2 sides on a roller)granted it should all be same temp but say sausages 1 side & ribs the other... pulling....would it affect the temp on whats still under the hood? or would that have to be a double door ? thats a question for you too bud & tonto & bubba. yeah- i know it'd affect temp to open the pit- but enough to pull 15-20 rounds of sausage quick ?
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Very Nice Build Kudos

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