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you guys are great. I can't wait to continue smokin and typing.
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Hey there!! I'm a newbie too. Nice to meet you. So far this site has been a great learning spot for me. Good Luck to you!!
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Thanks Darlin, it's nice to meet you as well.
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Hey! ... has anyone tried smokin' their ABTs just laying on the rack?
I have and it works just fine ... icon_biggrin.gif
Glad I tried it before messing around building or spending big bucks for a stainless model.
Just my .02 worth!
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I've done em laying down, cut in half and side split, along with standing up. Think they're good anyway they get done. No extra cost for laying them down, just less room to work with.
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ok where can I get the recipe for ABT? I love stuffed jalapeno's cooked on the grill so I really wanna try these.
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Try this for starters. You can stuff with anything you can imagine.
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Cool!! Thanks, Shortone!!
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Thanks again Blackhawk19 - and meat mopper cracks me up. BTW - I lived in Mobile for 4 years - LOVE LOVE LOVE Alabama - miss it verymuch....PDT_Armataz_01_16.gif
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Before this thread gets hijacked, welcome to the SMF! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Like your smoker, i'm doing the same thing with the side firebox, hope to be done soon!
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Looking great, good luck
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