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I am not sure if I understand WHY we need a special group for stickburners.. unless you think you're "special" of coursebiggrin.gif

At any rate...

Just for Tim.. I made a group that anyone can join if you are a true blue stickburner.

Joining the group will place your name under the StickBurner heading on the Forum Leadership page.

To join just go to the UserCP and look for the Group Memberships link under the "Miscellaneous" heading. Here's a shortcut to it.

Select the group you want to join, swear on your smoker that you use REAL wood as your main source of fuel and click the "Join Group" button.

Alright Tim.. now you owe me another one of your pulled pork sandwiches with a side of brisket.PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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... LOL squeaky wheels. Atta boy Oky you're off N runnin. Must be a rilly wunnerful feelin Congrats!

Keep Smokin
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Shoulda called it the Stik burnun groopbiggrin.gif that there would be reel speshul
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I guess I'm guilty of the same thing as you because I meant to say that there was no snobbery intended in my posts.PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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