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2 Slabs of Spares

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My sister and her family were coming so I smoked 2 slabs of spares today. Both coated with mustard, one got Willingham's W'ham Seasoning (rub), the other got Kansas City's Cowtown Sweet Spot Rub. Been using W'ham a long time, a little goes a long way and it is good. First time using the Sweet Spot Rub, sweet and hot, but not to excess, very good rub!
Didn't do the 3-2-1 thing, just smoked them to 170°. Sprayed 3 times with 3 parts apple juice, 1 part Canadian Mist (what was on hand). They turned out great, had about the right amount of "chew" and moist.
Everyone preferred the Sweet Spot Rub.
The darker slab has the W'ham, the Sweet Spot is a lot redder. The W'ham slab was on top and dripped a bit on the other slab.
Folks were hungry, didn't get any pics of the slabs cut up. rolleyes.gif
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Nice looking ribs Mike.
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I'm thinking you should send some up here for a taste comparisonicon_mrgreen.gif Looks great Mike!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great example of the "pull back" those new to smoking keep asking about. Should make it the "Pull Back" sticky.

BTW........muy bueno on the ribs! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Mike, the ribs look FANTASTIC!!
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Thoose looked awesome! Good job
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Those look great Mike. Almost lunch time and I'm rilly gettin hungry
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Beautiful ribs. I love the color on the Sweet Spot ones.
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Looks great mike!

I haven't had ribs in at least a week your making me hungry!
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Looks great, I'm planning on some Ribs and probably chickens this weekend
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