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freezer find

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cleaning out and re packing one of our four chest freezers a few days ago came across a couple of nice chunks of pork leg ( i think ) from my last pig kill ( forgot i had them in there ) .
so i transfered one to the cool room for a slow defrost and this morning it is going into the old weber to be turned into pulled pork .
it tipped the scales at 6.5 kilo some where around 14 pound (cant be bothered looking for the calculator ).
i have just finnished skinning it rubbed it with mustard jeffs rub and it is now in the weber with some pecan wood .
it is 8 .20 am saturday here .
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Have never had the pleasure of burning Pecan....is it a light, sweet wood like apple or ........how would you compare to other hard woods?

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i have never used hickory but i am told pecan is very close to hickory.
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Looks like you are a leg up....... PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif

Seriously....looks like a great piece of pork that will pull wonderfully.

Enjoy..... icon_cool.gif
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I hear pecan is like hickory lite! Good smoke flavor, not as heavy a bacon type flavor. I just order a whole mess of it, can't wait to get it and try it out.

Nice butt by the way, that rub look like its got a lot of brown sugar in it? Yummm.
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Dont you love it when you dig through the freezer and find a hidden treasure like that???biggrin.gif Be sure to keep us posted on how it turns out...smile.gif
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to continue ,
the pork went in about 8 am , i kept the old weber a bit hotter than i normaly do ( around 280 - 300 mark in the lid ) anyway the meat reached 194 internal at 5.30 pm and i took it out and wraped it in foil and a towel ,put it in the esky ( cooler ) and left it overnight , pulled it this morning (sunday 8.30 am ) and it seems pretty dam good ,still warm got a great bark it may be a tad dry in a few spots probaly due to cooking a bit fast , but i think reheated in a bread roll with some sauce it will still be good eats .
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