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accidental bacon

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Well the other day I bought some cut up pork for carnitas, and thought I would try to smoke them first. I bought this rub that came in the bulk section, unsure what it would taste like. Rubbed them up real good and vacuum sealed the night before.

After a good smoke tasted a piece of an end, and dang if it didn't taste like ham or bacon.

Brought them in after 6 hours at 250 with a spritz every hour and they sliced really nice.

Also cooked up some ABT's and beef ribs, the ribs were to strong with the rub, so they went straight in the trash...

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Very nice work that looks great. Thanks for the pictures. Looks like you have mastered it
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It all looks great, too bad about the ribs, congrats on the pork and ABT's !!! What is the rub called that you purchased?
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I picked it up out of one of those bulk containers for spices, it was just called BBQ Rub, no name brand....
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It looks fantastic! Great job!
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