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Help with a baffle or is it baffel?

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I keep reading about preventing meat closer to the SFB from burning due to higher heat, I did my 1st smoke yesterday 7-1-07, and I did burn/dry out the meat closer to the SFB, does anyone have any photos or blue prints on how to make the dang thing?, any help given would be nice, THANKS and thank you for allowing me to join your group as the newbie!

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sorry.. so many iten names & numbers - but if it's an offset smoker here's a great mod thread( they're all similar
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sorry about my lack of brain waves tonight, but I just got for my birthday a new off set smoker, it is a char broil, double door, smoker, came with everything I needed to start smoking but the temp gauge, which I ran ( well I drove ) right out to get one, the thing is super, my first smoke was 20 leg quarters and 2 1/2 slabs of spareribs, all went well untill I took the chicken out, and then I had a bit of trouble keeping the temp down, DOES that make a difference?, cause the ribs were kinda dry and not as tender as I had hoped, just remember I am the NEWBIE, and we all have to start somewhere!
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do you have pics- that may help a lot.
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usually (from my experience- grilling or smoke) the chicken goes closer to the fire ( or starts the fire- chix grease) the rest goes farther from the heat- did ya get the temp up from chix grease then lose it when the chix was gone & not move the red meat closer to the flame ?
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here is the link to the web page of the smoker I got.
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not sure about the grease, but I do know that the little can quickly overflowed so I put a cake pan on the wood rack under the smoker and caught a ton of run off.
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yup- those 68 cent turkey pans work wonders.
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the run off was flavorful, wonder if I could have used it to make a gravy.

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yup or use for pulling sauce or if it's brisket save the au-juc & slap on bugers for the best burgers.
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