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Smoking weekend

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After 2 weekends with only one thing done, this weekend I banged out the Smoked Meatloaf on Saturday...Thank you for the recipe SMF! It was simple and was gone before I could take a picture. Sunday I was able to take a snapshot of my first Baby Back ribs. Done with a homemade dry rub.
I seem to need a lot less time to cook than on recipes. For instance I was expecting a solid 4 hours for my ribs (about 2.2 pounds on baby backs) I was done in like 2 and a half (they were awesome, but didnt fall off the bone). I guess its my temp. I can't keep the temp any lower than 212F, and tend to range between that and 230F. Any advice on keeping it cooler? (I am using brikettes in a fire box, with mesquite chips)
PS..cant get my picture on the board as it is 10kb more than limit (any suggestions how to shrink it?)
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Sounds like your temps were too high and your thermometer wasn't reading accurately. Right around 225 is a good temp... what type of thermometer are you using and where is it located?

I highly recommend a dual probe digital, such as the Maverick ET-73. It lets you monitor the meat temp as well as the cooking surface temp.
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Here is a link to a great image re-sizer as long as it is compatible with your browser.

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Congrats of two succcessful smokes. If everything disappeared before the camera was ready, you did good. A whip and chair keeps people away until the pics are taken. If however, you are the one eating before pics I can't help or blame you.
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I agree you need to make sure the temp is correct as the built in thermometers aren't always accurate. A smoker temo of 215-230 is right where you want to be.
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Thanks guys...you make a great point. My thermometer is on the upper left hand, away from the heat....I kept the meat sitting on the hotter side...duh! I guess I should move it further from firebox. If I have the meat under the thermometer and its in the right range, I should be fine. Will also look into another thermometer. Once again, thank you.
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Way to go with the smoke. Sounds like you are doing the number one thing...........having fun. Enjoy.
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Congrats on the smoke... The more things you try the more comfortable you will become around the smoke..biggrin.gif
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Oh and I forgot...

WE LIKE PICSicon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif
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