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There's a guy on another forum that smoked burgers, he half-froze a roll and sliced it into burgers and smoked to 170*F.

I buy cheap fatties on sale (last time bought 10 at $1 a piece, Winn-Dixie brand). Do minimum 3, rolled around in dry rub so they can be picked up and they're not sticky. Usually go 2 or 3 hrs at 225*F.

I give a lot of food away to my police friends (tenant and neighbor) and they LOVE them. They seem to be awefully friendly when they smell smoke at my house.......
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I have tried an off brand twice and did not like them either time. Tried a Jimmy Dean and now I am hooked 50lbs heavier but a whole lot happier
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Fatties give to something to live on while your smelling all that delectible meat smoking and dying of hunger!
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In the past 4 weeks I have made about 25-30 fattys. I have used different brands. I really cant tell the difference. Although they're more stuffed than sausage. The sausage is mearly a wrapper. A tasty wrapper that I couldnt live without. And I have a great Idea for this week I will let you know how it turns out....biggrin.gif
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So how do you guys get these things to roll up and stay together? Seems to me like I would make a big mess trying to roll a fatty. I knew a guy a few years ago that could roll up a fatty in no time, well that was something different never mind.tongue.gif
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twister, the way i do it is to spray oil wax paper(or gry rub to keep from sticking),split the fatty down the middle,mask flat a bit, stuff,then fold back over mashing the sides together,then mold the fattie to shape with your hands under the paper. wrap w/ bacon, skewer, & smoke.
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Do you need the bacon to hold it together or just for more flavor?
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I have found that if you use plastic wrap on a cookie sheet place the sausage on it and flatten it out with another piece of plastic wrap on top of the sausage, then fill with whatever you want just grab the sides of the plastic and start to roll it up like a pinwheel. You may need another set of hands to do this. Next seal all the seams by using your hand smoothing along that seam, bend the ends up and do the sameting. Put your rub on and place in your cookerwith the seam up, so the insides don't dribble out. I just dripped saliva all over my keyboard!!! Cook @250 for about 2 hours or 160 degrees. YUMMY...
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So do you guys ever have a problem with the guts spilling or oozing out while it smokes?
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i've had a couple ooze because i just mashed the ends w/out folding back & the bacon is just my personal preference but it does addmore flavor.
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Do you precook the bacon before putting in the roll??

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no i wrap & skewer & smoke it up. but you can fry & crumble the bacon & mix it in w/ the stuffing materials.
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Bacon stuffed sausage....Good Lord don't tell my HMO.
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Yep that's what I was thinking!

Fatties are not for the faint of heart nor sleight of waist.
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I'll agree, im hooked to after my first one, and theres so many different ways of cooking or stuffing these things, my next one I'm making one big calzone out of iticon_wink.gif
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sushi style

I have not done this yet. I am currently doing my first fatty naked w/ just a little bit of rub. After reading others post about "how to" I realised you should be able to do it alot like sushi instead of a calzone type pocket. Here is a link on how to roll sushi w/ a mat but you could use foil w/ pam. I know fatties get very stick w/ the warm up so do it fast. I put the rub on the foil and the meat so it would not stick. should work..
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