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CH stands for Confederation Helvetia which was what the region which is currently Switzerland was called before it all united. the country is split into 3 and a half languages german (zurich) french (geneva) italian (lugano) amd romanch which is a wierd going extinct mountain langguage. CH has remain the country symbol ever since.
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THAT's THE ONE! I am loving it so far!!!
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Welcome to the forum bestee.
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Welcome to SMF, Hope to see some "Swiss BBQ" creations posted soon..Enjoy the smoke!!!
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Welcome to SMF from Providence, RI! Looking forward to seeing pics of your "Q".
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Welcome to SMF Bestee ... nice looking smoker you've got there!

I'm curious as to the quality of beef available to you there?

Also what is the most popular meats to BBQ?

Enjoy your new smoker! icon_wink.gif
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Quality of beef is ok, somehow never near as good as from over there. I mean we got cows all over the place, but they just dont get so juicy or flavorful..its weird..and real pricey I spent $70.- on a 6 lb piece of brisket (and it was not a great cut..lots of tough spots). People here are funny..the locals really like thier sausages (and not even very flavored ones at that). They go for ribs and such, but generally they prfer to eat with a knife and forkicon_rolleyes.gif . The only real swiss smoker guy I have met worked with chicken and ribs. I hang out with meat lovers (south africans, new zealanders and such, but I'm the first with a smoker) This weekend I will try the ribs 3-2-1 style...can't wait! Attached is my smoker. Thanks for all the welcomes...this is a really friendly site!
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welcom to smf bestee. thats a nice smoker ya got there(i see a mod coming to my brink-the wheels). dont leat hawg heaven see that- he'll try to put 17"spinners on it lol. anyway, lots of great people here as you can see. maybe ya can send us pics of "swiss steak".
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Had to ask what part of Switzerland as I am working with a family name website filling in geneology tree gaps. Last name is Swiss and originated around Richenswil. Thanks for the response.
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PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif Ouch! $70 for 6 lb of brisket ... I'd hate to see what you would have to shell out for a prime rib or tenderloin ...PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif

I guess it'll be your job to educate the locals on the fine art of 'Q' kind of like an ambassador of sorts!
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Ah-HA! Yeah, never would've guessed that one in a million years!

Based on what you're saying the cost of beef is over there, we may have to airlift you some stuff! Now that I think of it, are you able to order things like Omaha Steaks over there? I don't know of many other places that sell meat online, and I'm not sure about their international shipping options. Their cuts are mostly for grilling too, not BBQ'ing - no large cuts that I know of.

Hey - I'll trade you some Tampa Mojo (cuban sour orange marinade) for some Swiss Chocolate! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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would buying a side of beef or 1 on the hoof be an option ??
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