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Temperature Measurements

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I have a mini-offset smoker, and the thermometer on the top has about a 3" stem. A thermometer placed on the grill surface reads about 25-30 degrees higher than the top thermometer. Should I adjust my temperature to allow for this difference? When a temperature is specified (such as 250 degrees) where is this temperature to be measured? On the grill surface, or from the themometer located on the smoker lid?
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Jump on over to roll call Groyston, we'll give ya a proper welcome!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
As for the therm in the lid.........Probably off, temp taken at grate level is the most accurate place to measure, either with a digital probe or oven therm.
BTW, welcome to the SMFPDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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Welcome Groyston -

You temperatures will vary a little from grate to bottom. Have you calibrated it?
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Hello Groyston2. I just started and as far as temp goes I have learned that the temp on the lids is always higher than the grill, but iit s an indicator of how it is smoking. The important temp though is of the meat.

My smoker is about 20-30 degrees different at the lid versus the grill. So i just keep that in mind for when to add more fuel, or open and close the damper. But when the meat is done it is done.

have fun
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What calismoker said. My Pitmaster was always about 35° warmer on the lid thermo and once you account for that fact you can run one less probe into the smoker. Heat rises.
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Temperature Measurement

Thanks to all for the prompt, helpful replies. I know that the temperature on the lid thermometer always reads higher since heat rises. I was surprised to find a 25-30 degree difference in the lid and grill surface temperatures. I do use a probe meat thermometer and cook to the recommended meat temperature. I have been smoking with a lid temperature reading of 25 degrees higher than recipe-recommended temperatures, and have successfully done chicken, ribs and brisket.
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