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I am trying to do my first pork loin on my new ECB. It has been in for over 3 hours. The loin is only 2.5 lbs. Having a hard time getting over 153 degrees. Suggestions??icon_question.gif
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More Time Required

I'm thinking that you need to give it a bit more time. At an hour and a half a pound a 2.5 pound loin should take atleast 3.75 hours. This is just a guide line though. It could take longer. I've seen cooking time go as much as 2 hours a pound. Time and paitents is the formula.

Good Luck and hang in there,
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you may be hitting the plateau but if ya got good color on it & it's had smoke the whole time-or you just need to eat today,you can wrap in foil (or tent) & oven finish @ 200-225 for an hour.be sure to let it rest for a while before pulling if your pulling it or just to be tender.
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It does sound like you hit a plateau. wink.gif
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Stay the course. Last weekend my 7.75 piece took 14 hours to hit 200 degrees, but it was well worth it. Mine plateaued for what seemed like forever and then took off.
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What is the smoker temp?

If you have faith in your meat thermometer, if you tested it to see if it's accurate, I would go by the temp of the meat, not the clock. So many variable can effect how long.
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Hey guys, thanks for the help. I waited till 7:30 and pulled it to the oven. I guess chalk it up to beginners education. Definitely will start earlier next time.
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Yeppers like the guys said .. be patient and you will be greatly rewarded!

and don't forget the finishing sauce!
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Dee, I just finished up dinner 3 hours later than usual. It was worth the wait though. Wow that was good. I used a recipe from your site. I rubbed the loin, then rubbed applesauce and let it sit over night. I poured apple juice into the pan and threw in a cut up apple into the pan. I am not sure I quite have the right idea on getting that smoke off of the electric ECB.
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