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any noreast events ???

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i see we have quite a few new york,long island,and connecticut members on this site.now i understand that smoking and bbq up here is not as popular as it is down south or west of us but a smoking /bbq event would be fun to attend.or partisipate in if we have one locally.....are there any events for us yankees to attend without traveling for hundreds of miles ???
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If you don't mind travelling to the Red Sox nation. There's the Phantom Gourmet BBQ event this week-end at City Hall Plaza, Boston. Should be easy to find out more info on line. As for me, don't do baseball, patiently waiting for what goes with BBQ.....FOOTBALL!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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The Lake Placid, NY - I love BBQ Festival is next weekend. It's about 8 miles from where I live. I plan to attend!

Here is a link:


Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Thanks for the links Guys!
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If this is an inapproitate post i appoligese in advance. We are having a KCBS and NEBS sanctioned event the weekend of Oct 20,21 during the Sayville fall festaville. You can contact me for more information at the following e-mail wbreakstone1@optonline.net or you can call my restaurant at 631-206-2580
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Here is a link to the Mid-Atlantic BBQ Assoc. They have a couple of events coming up including 2 in NY...

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