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Greetings from Texas!

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I've been smoking meats for the last 10 years.

I started as a "purist" (must use wood for smoking meats). But now I favor the gassers (LPG) and have 2 of the GOSMs: A stainless steel Big Block from Sam's and the narrower non-stainless version from Wal Mart.

Years ago I started with a New Braunfels Black Diamond (NBBD), which is the horizontal offset fire box smoker. I never really got great results with the NBBD even after mods, so I went with a New Braunfels Bandera which is a vertical offset firebox smoker. I got much better results with it (with mods). But the problem with both of those was temperature control. I had to babysit the smokers all day to maintain temps. So thats what got me to the "gassers".

I found Smoking Meat Forums while researching the Masterbuilt electric stainless steel smoker at Sam's. I almost bought one since I like the idea of setting a thermostat for temps. But I read that electric smokers don't cook like "flame" units, and will not put a smoke ring in a brisket for example. Also I don't quite see the airflow through the Masterbuilt like I see it designed in to the GOSMs. So I will research more, and if I get one I will report on it here.

egkor (Gary K) in Texas
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Welcome to SMF egkor!!! Glad to have you join us.
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Hi Gary,welcome to SMF
Great group of people here.
Don't forget to sigh up for Jeff's free 5 day Ecourse
Good luck on your hunt for a new smoker.
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Welcome aboard Gary, you're gonna love it here! Looking forward to your posts!
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hello, from a fellow texan; and welcome to SMF.
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Nice to have you with us here at SMF Gary. Pull up a chair, open a cold one and read through all the great stuff here.

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Hey Gary , welcome aboard.
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Welcome aboard the SMF Gary!
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WOW, thanks!

Thanks very much for the welcome, everyone!


egkor (Gary K)
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Welcome Gary -

Glad to have you aboard! Don't forget to post your smoking pictures and share your recipes!
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I think I have attached 2 pics ... One should be of Beef Brisket, and the other should be of Beer Can Chickens.

egkor (Gary K)
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Welcome Gary to SMF, and hello from Canada, great lookin smoke ring by the way PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome to the SMF Gary. Great lookin grub ya got there. Nice smoke ring on the brisket.
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Welcome aboard Gary glad to have you with us.
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Glad to have a fellow Texan join up. You will enjoy!
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Howdy Gary.......welcome from a fellow TexicanPDT_Armataz_01_14.gif ....you're gonna like it here.PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Those chickens look awesome....can't wait to see them with a beautiful smoked tan. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Welcome to SMF!!!
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Howdy from yet another Texan. Welcome to the best place on the net.
Brisket looks great....chicken looks mighty tasty. I have a couple chickens brining in the fridge as we speak.
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Wow great smoke ring! Nice looking birds too

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Welcome Gary, Hope you enjoy the forum. Thanks for sharing your smoking success with us. Looks awesome.
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