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Mostly pork sharing space with corned beef & venison

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This past Saturday at the lake using my offset ...
2 back bacons
2 pork hocks
1 country or Texas style ribs
1 venison roast
1 corned beef brisket

My no-name Chinese offset with the thin blue stuff ...

Just loaded up.

Lower left, my experimental pie pan baffle ...icon_idea.gif

Just before coming off ...

The baffling worked just a little too well ... (had trouble keeping heat up) so... next time I will shorten it up to about half and try again...

The venison was for my youngest brother and his family and they all thought it was great! ( my taste test confirmed it icon_lol.gif )

Used cherry, apple, and maple.

Saving the hocks for a batch of smoked beans.
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Looking good Squeezy! What's hiding under all that bacon?
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That was the venison Mom!
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Squeezy, that is some delicious looking grub. I plan on trying some venison this year and will remember the bacon one in your q-view!
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Some good looking stuff there squeezy. I am sure the final reward was as great as the trip getting there.
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Man that does look tasty!
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I love the non-traditional cuts....especially the back bacon. icon_lol.gif

I'm looking forward to getting my first hunt on in the next couple seasons and doing venison and wild pig.

Nice "Q" Squeezy!!!
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I just slice and reheat in a skillet to accompany my eggs and toast .... yummy!

I'd love to sit down with ya and partake of that wild pig ... Mmmmmmm!
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I'm just stalking it in my dreams for now.....but once I finish school I have the green light from the better half to get busy.

It will be mine....oh will be mine......

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Great lookin smoke Squeezy...gotta try those beans myself,those hocks will be awesome in them PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great lookin' Q Squeezy! Now I need a drool cup...
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Squeezy everything looks great!
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Pretty yummy lookin' stuff there Bro(Dad)!!
You'll have to tell me all about it.
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