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This is my 1st smoker and 2st time trying to smoke something. I was very excited to bring my new masterbuilt home and start smoking the 2 - 3LB turkey breast i just purchased.

It was getting late but i didn't care I was too excited.

Well at about 2;30AM I woke up to take the meat out, that would be in their for about 4 hours at 207 degrees.I pulled it out it looked golden brown. I tore into it and noticed it was sorta hard to tear apart. It had a lot of juice qlmost to much and it smelled a bit like raw turkey yet the meat was white not red or pink.

The thermometer didn't go up to 180 yet that could of been because iwoke up a bit lateand smoker was off and not real hot when i originally opened it.

So now I'm bummed out because i did something wrong and don't know what as well as wondering if i'm going to get real sick from eating 1 or 2 bites of this bird that i ended up giving to my dog.

Please help.
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I am not familiar with that smoker, but a 2 to 3 lb turkey breast should take about 45 minutes a lb tops. The internal temp is your friend. You mentioned the smoker was OFF....does it have a timer or something icon_question.gif
Go down to Wal-Mart and buy one of the digital thermometers with the long cord and probe. Around $14. Usually this bird take no more than 2 1/2 hours (in my old R2D2) to smoke depending on your temps. Meat should be moist and white. Try to stick with the Butterball ones if you can.
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Flash pretty much has it covered I would bring the smoker temp up to around 230 to 240. I'm not familiar with that type of smoker either.
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Thanks for the replies. I will have to try it again. I can't see only 45 minutes mine would have beem raw.
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Yes, it does have a digital timer/temp guage on it.
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Poultry has to be done above 225...preferably 250 in my opinion, and you MUST check the internal temperature to be sure it is above 160.

Poultry has no margin for error and will make you sicker than anything else in my opinion.

Don't lose faith....just re-arm yourself with some better tools and get a couple good smokes under your belt!! cool.gif
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Might just be me but ....

If I won't eat it I'm not giving it to my furry friends either. They will eat a lot of crap but they are able to get salmonela too ... Just a thought ...PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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Not a total of 45 mins. 45 minute per pound of meat. Once you hit the proper internal temp, you should be good to go.
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[quote=Flash;54754]Not a total of 45 mins. 45 minute per pound of meat. Once you hit the proper internal temp, you should be good to go.[/quoteyeah i sorta figured it was per LB but still thought it wasn't enouch time. i tried the 2nd of the 2 that i smoked that was put in the fridge.

That one just has the smoked flavor but seems to be missing seasoning. meat is still real tough to tear off.

Thanks for everyones help. I am going to try some salmon for fathersday tomorrow.Hope that goes better.
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Do a search on Salmon here first a get a good understanding of what you want to do and how.....we don't need a second mistake.
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Poultry needs to be cooked to 180*, not 160*. You can pull it off at 175ish but wrap in foil to rest and temp should end up above 180*.
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OK, It's a new day and i was up early preparing my salmon. It is soaking in one of the receipes i have read on this forum.once 8 hours is up i will throw them on.

Does this sound wright for 4- fillets totaling 4.5 LBS. Pit in smoker for 1hour at 160degrees then raise to 220 degrees for last hour and adding more apple wood chips? occasionally opening door to moniter how fish is doing{ even though everyone says not to open door} not sure how to look at what your cooking with out taking a peak through open door.
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