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1st pulled pork, mmmmmmm

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Bought a 6 lbs pork shoulder, injected it with a recipe for "port-a-pit" chicken

cider vinegar
whorchistire sauce

Injected all over then put in a ziplock with the marinade and moarinaded it for 36 hours.

Smoked it with mesquite for about 8 hours. Took it to 200* It was falling apart when I took it out. It was awsome!

No BBQ sauce needed. Just the pork on a bun was all that was needed.

I took some to work and had about 20 people sample it and i didn't get a single negative comment.

I was very happy and satisfied!

Thank you to all of you for posting such graet information. Other than looking for apple wood chunks I was able to pull it off without having to post any new threads because you guys have already asnwered every quetion I had building up to Saturday.

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A SAMPLE!!!!!!!!! it's a wonder that someone didn't club you across the head with a stick and make off with the booty..LOL
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Good job. Looks mighty tasty.
I'm doing pulled pork next weekend. Hope I can report similar results. I will have to give much consideration to your "fuel injected pork" recipe.
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Looks good. I'll take a sample.
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Great looking product. You should be very proud of that. Most of all you had fun.
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Glad it made you proud MKatts. That's the tough part of our job! icon_rolleyes.gif

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honestly, to me there is nothing better than creating a meal and watching peoples reactions and watching them enjoy it.

Gives me goose bumps.icon_mrgreen.gif

Thanks all!
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Congrats on a Great Smoke! The bark on it looked awesome.
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That's some fine looking swine you got there....PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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