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temp problems help

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i have a brinkman smoker.not sure what model come from wal mart and is square. ecb maybe .anyway i have used it about 5 times and have problems getting temp right. I tried drilling holes in bottom of charcoal pan and havent noticed much difference. I t takes about an hour to get up to 200 nearly impossible to keep it around 225 constant. Any of you expert smokers out there give some advice on what i need to do. PLEASE HELP
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Hey guy ... welcome to SMF! When you get a chance, go to Roll Call and introduce yourself, so that we can give you a proper welcome.

I have the same kind of smoker and the same problem, so I converted mine to propane. If you are interested in what I used, just let me know.

Again welcome ...icon_cool.gif
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Welcome Mike -

Sounds like a Brinkman Vertical. Square box with a front door? Is this the charcoal , electric or propane model?
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Squeezy- How did you convert it to propane I am wanting to do the same thing
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I had the same trouble, I built a plywood 3 sided sheild four foot high for mine and it works great. I now can get it up to 250 to 275 if I'm not careful. Alos my first chimmney of charcoal will now last 3 - 4 hours
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right now i am having the same problem....i am using a char broill smoker,,the same idea as the cheap brinkmann.i just cant get the temp over 200..i added coal thinking that would work but i wont,,,,,i am hoping that since the thermometer is mounted in the lid,the cooking temp at the grate is hotter...this is my first pork butt....can it cook at 200
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Check out this earlier thread I posted ... need any clarification, just ask away!
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Get an external thermometer to monitor the grate temperature. The maverick ET-73 is a popular one as it has two probes; one for monitoring the the cooking surface temp. (it clips on to the grate) and the other monitors the food.
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It will cook at 200º but will take more time of course. That is why I converted mine to propane ... I can work as low as 150º and I have had it up to 350º and I know it could go higher if needed. Some folks have done some modifications to make the charcoal work better. Not sure now where I saw that thread though.
Hope that helps you ...
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the temp came up as the day progressed,,,,i think i had too much water in the water bowl.or maybe the water just needed a long time to heat up.....anyway the whole thing worked out and i had a bunch of happy guests at my house............thanks for the help everyone
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