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first big bird on the brink offset

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after 2 days of hospital food & subway,easy fast meals, & nukeable pizzas i can't stand it no more & gotta smoke something. todays menu is a 10lb young turkey,fattie,&chix 1/4s. i haven't done a turkey yet on the brink so i"ll take any help offered. going w/ a simple sprinkle rub & spritz w/ pear juice/oil. i'm going to do a sprite butt can w/ smoked garlic & a wee bit of fajita i said,i'll appreciate any help offered & i'll post pics.
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Good luck Gypsy, I've yet to do a turkey, so no help here except good wishes...............PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Hiya Gypsy -

I don't have an offset yet but I've done alot of turkeys on the ECB.

I always split mine down the back an take out the big bones and rib bones. I just leave the leg bones and it seems to flavor better. Also cooks alot faster than whole. Done a few (I was being lazy) that I just cut the back off and smoked both of them with the bones in.

If your just doing turkeys you can crank it up to 350 and it won't hurt. Turkeys are tender they don't much need low and slow just smoke!

Have fun!
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i've done a few birds on my ECB offset and they were all good, did you brine it? i'll never do one without brining again. for the bigger birds 18# or bigger i'll cut off the wings and legs then bone the breast off in one chunk with as much skin as i can save then into the brine then truss it back up with some cotton string and then smoke.mmmmmmmmmmmgettin hungry just thinking about it......oh yeah congrats on the new addition
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I was talking with my wife today about smoking a Turkey for Thanksgiving and was concerned about whether to brine knowing how notorious Turkeys are for drying out in the oven. I have had great luck with Chickens up to 8# without brining and being very moist.

I'm looking at doing a 20# bird so the comparison might be way offset from the 10# being done by gypsyseagod.

I'd like to hear about the results from today's smoke and anybody else's experiences when it comes to smoking Turkeys.
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i didn't think to brine it (no sleep lately- not thinking right),but i put oil,smoked garlic,pear juice & spices,w/ 1/2 can of sprite & toothpicked the cavity closed & basting in oil & pear juice. the fatty came out weird w/ baby & all fussing so i'm calling a centipede. here's what i got so far.
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All looks good, especially the smile on mommy's face.

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Looks Good...!!!

I usually can my birds vertically, but if it's working for you horizontally all the better.

Fatty looks good to me too. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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i need an upright bird rack. i just checked & basted (4 hrs), it's a beautiful mahogany brown and 170 so i'll give it another hour & oven 225 tent/foil for 1 hour to make sure. grill the corn,smoke the stuffing & hope it comes out great.
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Wally-World has the beer can chicken racks for a little over $2 that clip the can in place.....they are made by Outdoor Gear or a name similar to that. They lie flat for storage and two arms with small flanges come up to clip onto the can and hold it in place for smoking. Real handy all around.

I'll post some pics next time I smoke a bird....
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Sounds delicious Gypsy.....Enjoy. Gotta do one soon, it's been too long!!!!

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ahhh finished(erp). the bird was fall off the bone but the pics don't do it justice. here's the final pix.
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Good job Gypsy! That bird looks great!


I don't think I'll ever eat another fried bird after these smoked one how about you?
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Looks real tender and moist....congrats on a great smoke!
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Oh late post ...

Wateryeyes BRINE THE TURKEY! Then inject it with butter or olive oil and your favorite spices and you won't be sorry I promise!
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Thanks for the tip Debi.....only five more months to get all my questions answered. icon_mrgreen.gif
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i forgot to mention that the chix were for tonights grilled quesadillas so i'll have to send pics of those tonight.
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Hey Gypsy, nice lookin' grub! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

BTW, I saw the upright turkey racks at Kitchen & Company up here in Delaware. Let me know if you can't find one. I'm going to get one for myself, I'll be more than happy to get another one and ship it to ya'.
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leave it to the wife to point it out.... if i set the bird upright in the bs&g,i have to take out the top rack unless i set it down where the drip pan goes.hmmm..
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