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Serranos look nothing like jalapeno's ... not even close! Sorry icon_redface.gif
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Dis is goin da udder way, but if'n you havin people over and want to cull yer friend pool, try makin ABTs wit Habanero's. Them puppies will burn yer face plum off. An dats not de end of it. Jus wait 'till da mornin!

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To me (and I guess some others ), except for Serranos being a little longer, according to the picture I saw, they could be mixed up.

Found a great! site talking ALL about peppers, what makes em hot, and the "hotness" level icon_smile.gif , and some good pictures of the peppers.
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I found some miniature 'sweet' peppers in a local grocery grown in Nogales, Az for my wife and others this weekend, and they loved them.

Perhaps you can find them as well ...
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just so ya know- what makes a pepper hot is the level of acidity in the soil(ph)- there is NO i repeat NO mistaking a serrano for a jalapeno... ever/never.just as in the store ya may (if yer not familiar-i.e. ignerant) a red or yellow bell pepper for a habanero... it's an easy test- scratch & sniff.. if yer eyes bug out & yer freckles turn to strawberry spots- it's a habanero..... red or yellow bells- no worries.
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serranos- long green skinny & 1/2 shriveled(like a coon pecker. jalapenos- green,full,rounder,scratch & sniff.if ya can't tell the diff. - don't shop for peppers- no offense but ya will get burned- literally
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This is way off the subject, but....

We grew way too many 'maters, onions and peppers one year in de ole garden plot out at da family farm. Me an da out-laws thought a big batch of picante was da cure. I diced the onions, Momma an her sis diced the 'maters, and Momma's bro-out-law was in charge of de peppers. All dun, in da pot, and weez makin da sauce. Bro-out-law dind't wash hiz hands too well before he breezed off to da outhouse to relieve hizelf. Next thin I knew, we waz watchin him dance around the farm a'grabbin hiz-zelf 'round the short an curlies! Dat dance went on into the late evenin!!! Don't go 'round da man to dis day an ask him bout dicin dim jalapeno peppers. Hez a purty gud sized feller an he might just knock yo block off juz fer remindin him. PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif Tain't never ever been da same feller since den.......

(Note to self: wash your hands thoroughly after handling any sort of hot pepper. A little soap is a lot cheaper than repairing the hole in the wall trying to get to the lake to cool your privates off.....)
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Best to wear surgical gloves ... soap and water, even 3 times and your privates will still get it .... ! ( I know )icon_redface.gif

In fact last weekend, I did it to myself again ... finger tips burned after every washing. DOH!
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Here is what I was told by a guy that makes hot sauce locally. The Jalopenos that have lines in the skin are hotter. Look close and you will see the small lines/wrinkles in the skin, the more lines/wrinkles the hotter it will be. The peppers with a smooth skin are tamer. I think for the most part he is correct.
I have been buying peppers for the last 2 yrs or so using this method, its not 100% but seems pretty close. I have found that the hotter peppers are definetly the ones with the lines/wrinkles in the skin.
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I saw a cooking show on mexican food a while back, and the locals claim that the Jalepeno's with a curved stem are hotter than the ones with a straight stem. I've tried a few of both and it seems to be true... so far.

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Tams are the milder version of jalapenos, and serranos usually are hotter and they won't give you as much working surface for filling. There are quite a few other chile you could use, but in general they are a little smaller in size compared to the jalapeno.
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