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Well the first smoking went great, I'll remember the pics next time. I brined the turkey breast as suggested and it was delicious. The ribs came out great but my brisket was a little tough. This is the second brisket I have ever cooked and I realize that there is an art to it. It was a 5 pound brisket and I cooked it for 10 1/2 hours. Any suggestions on how to make it perfect. I had used a marinade using red wine that I got of the site. The flavor was good but I wasnt impressed with the tenderness. Thanks for any suggestions, and yes I am officially addicted to smoking.

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hey bigstomp, welcome to the SMF, a few more details will get u all the answers u need! pit temp, internal temp, did u foil? We'll make a pro outta youicon_biggrin.gif
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Temp stayed around 230 the whole time, I didnt use foil. The internal temp was 170 when the brisket was done. I had used a thermometer that stayed in the brisket from start to finish.

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take brisket to 190° for slicing, and 200° for pulling.
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Welcome aboard SMF, bigstomp. glad to have ya !! take your brisket to a higher internal temp ...190 for slicing and 195 - 200 for pullin .. wrap in foil then in towels place in a picnic cooler fo approx 2 hrs then take out and pull delicious juicy beef brisket ...yummy...don't forget to spritz with apple juice and maybe a little rum every hour or so while cookin PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif my .02 worth. !
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Might put some of your marinade in your foil wrap when you wrap it. Wouldn't hurt to double wrap if adding fluid to help prevent spills when removing from smoker.
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Yep like the boys said. Briskets a tough hunk-o-meat gotta smoke it high and rest it up a bit! Glad you had a good smoke Chad!
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Welcome Chad. I hope you will become a regular on the forum. Smoking is all about sharing triumphs, setbacks, goods, and bads. I hope you will share your smoking adventures with us.
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