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smokin' naked is cool as long as the neighbors know not to drop by. Frying bacon is a different story. That hurts.
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looks delicious lisa. That wasn't as hard as you thought.... was it?
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That butt turned out real nice Lisa......hope you have plenty of CWB (Cheap White Buns) on hand.

Good Job and Good Eats!!! icon_biggrin.gif
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NO, it wasnt!! :)
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Ah I think she's a pro and just teasing us .... icon_lol.gif

Just Kidding!
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hey, when you learn from the best, it is easy to be a pro :)

Lisa biggrin.gif
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True! The hardest part is figuring out who recipe your gonna try next!

I wanna try that apple spice sauce thing Theresa posted. Was gonna do it today but somebody ate the last of my apples! Didn't even have one for my fattys! mad.gif
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Lisa ... I always knew that you had the best butt on the forum biggrin.gif
If I hadn't been lucky enough to Judge ribs today, I'd be jealous!
Life is good ...icon_smile.gif
Seriously ... your pix tell the story ... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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awww squeezy, you really know what to say to a girl !!! icon_redface.gif

Lisa tongue.gif
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Looks great.
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Yeah ... I do! icon_smile.gif
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