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What would you do with this filet mignon?

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Says I don't have permisson to view your link....

And I have never been able to afford a Filet Mignon - so I can't tell you what I would contemplate preparing it.....but I would savour the dilema.rolleyes.gif
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Have it butchered, wrapped and freeze it!
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Well, that was pretty obvious. How would you cook/smoke the filet?
Didnt think I would have to bring it down to this level. ;)
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HIgh heat is the way to go. IMO if its past med rare its ruined.
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Guess I shoulda looked at the link first....LOL
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I was thinking jerky would probably be the best route. Can you say BIG filet!
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Are you seriously thinking about making jerky out of the tenderloin? I'd trim the tenderloin down, use the tips for a beef stroganoff or something like that and then cut the loin into like 2 in slices, fire up the grill and sear those babies...Cook probably about 3 - 4 minutes per side for med rare middle.
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Have you ever eaten anything from a 5 yr old, 1 ton bull? :)

I dont think you could eat any of it, less than med-well...unfortunately. Even the burger is chewy....but good. Very course. Got 400# left, want to buy some? :)
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Can't say that I have, but I'm not there during the process, I'm the end result shopper.
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for Filet Mignon, wrap the outside edges with bacon, throw it on a very very hot cast iron frying pan, cook on both sides briefly,cook it rare to medium rare, pass it to the missus....

i prefer a ribeye,new york strip or porterhouse...beter marbling, more flavor
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Thanks, but I think you are all missing the point. Just because it is filet, doesnt mean it will be good. This will be very tough I feel, no matter what you do with it.

If I did other than jerky, I think I could brine it for a day or so, then smoke it and cook it low. Kinda like I would a brisket.

The key to this whole topic is how tough this filet will be. Now, a good filet, I can handle. I am not used to dealing with meat in this condition.
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I guess my stupid question is why did u buy it if the meats that badconfused.gif
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well if its all going to be that tough, make some sausage out of it, make some jerky like you suggested... but i would try to cut a filet out of it first and see how it goes
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Well, I bought the meat 5 years ago to breed my cows with. So called meat decided to break his leg the day before we went to sell him. :) Hate to drag it out for coyote food, so we ground most of it and thought we'd keep the good cuts just incase.
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Next time, instead of just giving us a link to a picture and expecting us laymen to figure it out, make it perfectly CLEAR what the POINT or KEY to your whole topic is with the very first post! Would have saved yourself some time & frustration...
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5 yr old 2k bull? Hamburger. You just have alot of hamburger there. Sorry. We had an old long horn that we fed forever(felt like anyway). I think I'm still "pass'n " the hamburger...............I think I even bleed hamburger from that big ol ________.

Just my .02.
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Take the meat to a local butcher or someone that has a needler tenderizer and have the cuts needled first....this will break up the connective tissues in the cuts and give you a much more tender piece before you cut or cook it .02 worth .wink.gif
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