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Storing Pulled Pork

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I am just pulling some pulled pork off the smoker, It is going to be for lunch tomorrow. Should I pull it tonight, if so do I add
the sauce now?
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I'd pull it tonight and the store it in several glad storage containers. I usually freeze several of them and then pull them out of the freezer when the one in the fridge gets low. I then reheat it in the microwave low and slow like I cooked it. That is when I put the sauce on it. It always turns out very good for me.


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Bob -

Ziplock bags with the air squeezed out or vacuum sealed bags will keep it good for a week frozen it'll keep for months!

I like to put it in sandwich bags they hold about a pound of meat and freeze it. Then you can grab one anytime you want it.
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Never thought about that. I just figure eat it till its gone. I know i will never get sick of smoked meat. I should invest in one of those vacuum sealing thingamagigs. Maybe this question is for another thread but, any brand better than the otherof those vacuum sealers?
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Yes you really should buy a vacuum sealer. I love gadgets and have a lot of them but many would never bother to buy again if they ever wore our except for the food sealer. I would not go one day with out it.
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