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The weekend.....

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Got a chance to try a Oklahoma Joes unit this weekend. Did some ka-bobs with beef and chicken, but the biggest and best was the leg of goat. Cant really see it in the picture. Smoke at about 180 or so for 7 hrs then got it hot enough to get it all cooked. I brined the leg over night. It was succulent!

I think this is my first whack at hot smoking, being the cold smoker I am. We didnt have the weather for cold smoking, it was a little too warm.

For this round, I used cherry, normally I only use aspen.
All in all, turned out real fine.

As I sit here, gazing out the window, I see new candidates for the smoker:
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Did you season the meat at all? What did you use?
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We may need another category for goat ...

Hope you can share more details about the goat experience ... icon_smile.gif
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I brined the goat in salt and brown sugar water. No other spices but that.

I dont hardly season the meat. Even when I do ribs, I dont season them. Tried dry rubs before, never thought much of them. If I am going to season meat, it will be when I brine it.

Like I said, I used cherry but will stick to alder from now on. Its a lot less harsh and you can smoke for days and it wont get too strong. I am stuck to hot smoking in this weather, if I do anything else. We usually do bunch in the spring and fall when it is cool enough to cold smoke.

Goat, which is the number 1 red meat in the world, is quite good. We raise goats here, but we also raise beef. I do beef a lot more than goat. Here is a leg we did for Christmas: http://dopey.hopto.org/archives/ZZ5F66B1C2.jpg

Here's some goat sausage, which is just great! http://picasaweb.google.com/pmilne/M...13231797093474

Here is the new smoker, almost completed: http://picasaweb.google.com/pmilne/M...65266544509906
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That leg looked great! What did you use for stuffing?
Goat is not too plentiful here as yet, lamb is quite popular here though.
I love the barrel smoker ... like to see your inside setup.
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Opus..........you ate a GOAT ??..........PDT_Armataz_01_05.gificon_eek.gifPDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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The Christmas one I stuffed with fresh cilantro and lemon rind. Everything was coated with olive oil as well. I bet there was some garlic too.

Goats around, but for something edible, it might be harder to find.

Inside the barrel?, just a couple notches to hang dowels. Then I can hang whatever from them, using stainless hooks or wire.

hhersh, uh-huh....having goat chops tonight, as well. Now dont tell me there's no goat in Texas!
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Looks great Opus - nice kabobs!
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