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It's hard to find...

Thanks for the welcome the the advice Dutch! Some of the times that fine beer is hard to find. Luckily in Tiffin there are an abudance of Strohs drinkers and you can get it just about anywhere!

Thanks for the advice...I'll go check that out! Getting ready to give her the maiden voyage this weekend! I can hardly wait!
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Welcome to the club!
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New Here: Rookie

Hi, i just bought my first smoker and i love it already. I'm only 21 but i am very excited about learning how to smoke different types of meat from you guys who have a little expirience.

I bought a cheap Brinkmann electric smoker just to get started. With all the other stuff that goes into smoking a piece of meat, this simple smoker helps me concentrate on the basics.

All my friends think that i am crazy because i enjoy this stuff so much, but they never seem to complain once dinner is on table. Hopefully getting started young will help me in the long run. I would love to get into some BBQ competitions down the road sometime!
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Thanks Smokewatcher!!

Thanks Smokewatcher glad I found this club! There is only one thing wrong with it.....I'm sitting here at work absolutely starving!! I can't quit looking though!!! LOL!!!

bommer9 you're going to love it! I've burned through two of the ECB smokers but both were charcoal and got used a lot!! Nothing better then spending a day around the smoker with a 30 pack of cold Strohs! Oh to be 21...keep a smokin and I'm sure you'll do fine in a competition!
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