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New Terminology Contest

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First I would like to say thanks for your efforts, I'll do my part to help anyway I can.

My submittal :

smoke signals
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Culinary Fantasies - when you type this, its highlighted or use short form CF (like this ECB)
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smokin' shots or platter pics??
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Thanks for your efforts to keep us family friendly.

My entries:

'Q View


Digital Drool
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I edited my previous posts that contained the "p" word.
How about plain ole "drool"? Its short and simple.
Or "eye candy".
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I too was thinkin eye candy,since as the saying goes " we eat with our eyes first "PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif to low & slow
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A hearty thanks for your efforts.

Visual vittles
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Gee thanks guys! I hate those miserable buggers! I didn't know they could find us by a few words like that. It just should be against the law or something.

How about goodies, groceries, pix, food, Q ... PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Thanks for all your efforts mods. I will edit my posts as well. As for a new term, how about "Smoked Art"?
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I like the term "product". Or how about "groceries" like they say in central Texas?

A wise man once said "It don't need no tuning plates if it's got a good draw."
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How about just plain old Vittles.
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How about: "Smm MOKIN"
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If you're not too worried about originality another Q site calls it pron because they had already been down this road. Kinda funny and it is easy to remember.
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How about " Q drool" ?
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Food Pix

I Like the term "smoke screens", it keeps the subject out of the forbidden zone and may only bring up military sites as users of "smoke screens" when web searched
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since the pics are there for all to see, how about "PUB GRUB"
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New Terminology Contest

Folks, as most of you are aware; Monty and I are sponsoring the contest to see who can come up with the best terminology to describe the awesome food pixs that you all post here at SMF. Remember that we are steering away from the f/p term.

Monty and I are donating a Maverick ET-73 Redi-Check thermometer (or similar thermometer) as the prize to the winner.

We’ll take suggestions until June 2nd, select the top 3 or 4 and run a poll so you all can vote.

For those that have made their suggestions on the “A word from your Moderators†thread, we’ll copy your suggestions to this thread.

Thanks for playing!!
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Dutch: Food Drool
Monty: VizTeeze
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Eye Q or I.Q. for short icon_cry.gif
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