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A word from your Moderators

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Folks, Monty, Soflaquer and Dutch as your Moderators, have been busy keeping SMF clean from the porn spam that has been showing up lately with some frequency. We hope that we were able to remove and sanitize the affected forum before any of the young’uns had a chance to try the posted links.

We have come to the conclusion that we have been targeted by the porn spammers because of our choice of terminology when we post our pictures of our smoked foods i.e. food porn. We have taken our concern to Tulsa Jeff and he has allowed us to pursue a course of action to handle this issue.

We ask that you refrain from using the term food porn. We know it will be hard but please make an effort. Also, it will be greatly appreciated if you would edit your past posts that mentions food porn.

In light of this, we are having a contest to see who can come up with the best food pix term.

So far we have:
Dutch: Food Drool
Monty: VizTeeze

So come on folks, this is your forum, let the ideas rolls.

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First I would like to say thanks for your efforts, I'll do my part to help anyway I can.

My submittal :

smoke signals
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same here.
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Culinary Fantasies - when you type this, its highlighted or use short form CF (like this ECB)
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smokin' shots or platter pics??
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Thanks for your efforts to keep us family friendly.

My entries:

'Q View


Digital Drool
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dang! didn't read the above posts well enough, looks like we're all thinkin' the same words.
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I edited my previous posts that contained the "p" word.
How about plain ole "drool"? Its short and simple.
Or "eye candy".
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Lots of good ideas here folks!
Keep'em coming!

And we REALLY appreciate y'all jumping on the bandwagon with us!

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I too was thinkin eye candy,since as the saying goes " we eat with our eyes first "PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif to low & slow
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Thanks Dutch. You all are doing a super job. So good, I have only seen 1 in the last couple of days. Keep it up.

What would be wrong with FP, short for you know what....

And some of the others is great too.

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A hearty thanks for your efforts.

Visual vittles
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Gee thanks guys! I hate those miserable buggers! I didn't know they could find us by a few words like that. It just should be against the law or something.

How about goodies, groceries, pix, food, Q ... PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Thanks for all your efforts mods. I will edit my posts as well. As for a new term, how about "Smoked Art"?
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I like the term "product". Or how about "groceries" like they say in central Texas?

A wise man once said "It don't need no tuning plates if it's got a good draw."
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How about just plain old Vittles.
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I have edited out any reference to the word P **N in my posts. Please take the time to edit your posts to reduce smut search hits.
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the p word

i have a post i couldn't edit cause the p word is in the title & i can't delete it & repost w/ a different title cause other s have posted replies - but now i know in the future so i'll post my pics w/ smoke screens (screen shots of a good smoke)
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p.s. it's very difficult to come up w/ something that doesn't reference back to the "p" sites- just try typing in a search for "homeschool lessons" for kids & see where some links go - it's a billion dollar sick world and i for 1 can but refuse to make a dime off of it.
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I had the same problem. After tootling around on the page I finally figured out that if you click on "go advanced" on the edit page then it will allow you to change the title. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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