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Good luck Watery Eyes, here's hoping your first smoke is a huge success! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Best of luck! Your Gosm is a snap to use.
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Ribs! Ribs, Ribs! M-Day is secondly about Ribs! Do it all, but do some ribs too. Spare ribs, baby back, country style, tips, long, short, beef, pork, lamb or any legal four legged meaty ribbed animal, just do some ribs too!

Hmmm, can you tell I have a taste for some ribs?
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The seasoning went great!

Temps held at 300 on the door with 250 indicated inside up high.
Used Mesquite as the wood of choice and it smelled great the whole time.

Will post pics once the kids bug out after dinner.
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Welcome Watery Eyes

Welcome Watery Eyes! Get some of that good smoke rollin through "D"!

I used to live up north of there...Oxford. Back then it was a one stoplight town!
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Congratulations on the new smoker and welcome from an other from Michigan. I have seen those smokers at Meijer too. Figured that 5 smokers is enough expect I do not have a gas one yet. Please let us know how it works for you
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Here are some pics from today's seasoning.....

Image 4 is the GOSM assembled and ready to be seasoned.

Image 10 is my youngest grandaughter who happened to be visiting today. I'm looking forward to seeing her face covered in BBQ sauce this weekend.

Thanks to all of you for making this experience effortless and very enjoyable. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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now thats the best pic i've seen in days- she's cute & a lil' que turner too
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A nice picture of that baby girl chewing on a rib slathered in sauce would be precious!
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.......Are you just kidding me or are we supposed to not say the "P"___word anymore ?? I want to do what the mods say to do, and I must have missed that if you're not joshing me..icon_redface.gif
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No we are not joshing you ... spammers are finding their way here because of it ... so now we are having a contest to pick another term.
Check out this thread ...
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Hey thanks a lot Squeezy.......I had'nt looked at that thread and was unaware of the spammers. I appreciate your heads-up. Wont use that term anymore...............redface.gif
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No problem man ... too many threads to keep up with ... if we read all of them, we wouldn't get any Q made!! icon_wink.gif
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