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Wv -

It looks awsome! Chcks were always my favorite frilled meat always moist and tender - Just never found a good one to smoke.
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This is gonna sound like a stupid question, but what was the flavor like. I know what brisket tastes like, and pulled pork, but not chuck. Is it more "meaty" or "roasty"? Geez, I sound like an idiot!
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Not at all ... good questions! ... I'd like to know also ....

Never feel bad about asking a question ... we have all started somewhere ...

There is no right or wrong ... only what works!
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Good question but kinda hard to describe. With the rub on it....didn't taste like a roast but it had a great smoky beef flavor. Plus, I topped the samies with my bbq sauce and some slaw and once the family got a taste, it vanished in just a few minutes! It was almost as tender as pulled pork butt and all the fat was rendered when it was done. Even though no one complained, I may take the next one to 205 degrees and see if it makes any difference in the tenderness.
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Originally Posted by WVSmokeMan View Post

Thanks for the compliments! To answer some questions. I spread mustard over the roast, used Jeff's rub and applied it yesterday evening. This morning, just before I placed it in the smoker, I added some more rub to thicken it up a bit. Once an hour, I spritzed it with apple juice and turned it over. I like a lot of smoke and nice bark so I smoked it until I thought it looked right which turned out to be 150 degrees internal. Then I foiled it and let it get to 200 degrees before I removed it from the smoker. Total time was a little over 6 hours at a steady 225 degrees with chunks of Hickory providing the thin blue smoke. This was my first pulled Chuck but it won't be the last!

Looking forward to trying this. 


Can't wait, might have to do it today and inject some rub as well...


Let you know how it turns out!



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Chuck is one of our favorite cuts to cook and pull - makes GREAT tacos...


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Got 2 chuckies in the mes 40 right now... I'll start a thread for some qview...

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Originally Posted by ellymae View Post

Chuck is one of our favorite cuts to cook and pull - makes GREAT tacos...


Ellymae, your pics look like they should be in magazines!


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Thanks Scooper - I get a good one every now and again...

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You're welcome. drool.gif

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I've just added Chuck Roast to my shopping list.  Beautiful. 


Any suggestions for a finishing sauce?  I guess any favorite steak sauce would do.  Any comments or steak sauce recipes?


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