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May 20th-Smokin 30# of pork butts

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I got 4 butts (a little over 30# before trimming) in the smoker. Put the largest butt on the bottom rack, smallest on the top, and the last two of the same size in the middle. I used TulsaJeff's pork rub (from his pulled pork recipe with coleslaw)and I will be using Fla-Jeff's finishing sauce. I am gonna make Jeff's coleslaw and a couple bottles of his smokey BBQ sauce, both from the same recipe page above.

I rubbed the butts last night, first with mustard and then Jeff's spicy rub. I didn't have alot of cellophane, so I stuffed each butt in a gallon ziplock bag. All but (or butt) one fit nicely - the last one required a second bag and wouldn't seal. Worked nicely!

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Lookin good SmokeEater.. keep those pics comin. I like that pulled pork.

Keep Smokin
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We must have pics of the finished product.
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Can't wait to see which on wins the cute butt contest. They look so good. I hope this all comes together for you and the finished product is great.
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sitting here drooling with a big italian roll open and waiting
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Anyone wanting pulled pork sandwiches - Tomorrow 5/21 @12:30PM in the Bronx, NY - send me a message and I'll give you directions!

Just sprayed the meat with mix of Jack Daniel's, apple juice, & EVOO - Looking good!
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Those butts look awesome,drool slurp wipe PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looking super!!
Keep up the good work!
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Delightful, simply delightful!

Might I guess that this treat is for your fellow heroes? Good going and best of luck and God Bless You All!

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Thank you!

We have a softball game tomorrow, between my firehouse and a neighboring house. I got the food! They got the easy part - drinks! Gonna pick up some fresh rolls tomorrow from the bakery.

Brought the butts inside and they are in the oven and foiled. Biggest butt is almost 160°, and a smaller one is about 165°. Only a couple hours left to go. Can't wait till tomorrow!
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Don't have to be at work untill 4:00 tomorrow, can make it to N.Y. in no time. Should I bring anything? Damn they look good. Thanks for the porn, This way I know what the really good stuff should look like.
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Wow that looks sooo good! Gonna be some good eatting tomorrow!
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Don't worry about the game tomorrow......you already hit a homerunicon_lol.gif
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Coming up on 14 hours. Two butts are in the cooler resting. Two more are in the oven and crawling their way up towards 190°F. Good thing I can sleep past 9am tomorrow!
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Just finished pulling the first two butts. Another two resting - to be pulled shortly. Here's some porn!

Update: Almost 2am and just wrapping up. Longer than expected, but seems it always is. It's well worth it though! BTW, I used hickory & cherry chunks for smoke.
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They looked mighty good. Hope you enjoyed them.

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ooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummmmmmmmmmmm!
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Drool... slurp!

Aw man! That looks terrific!
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that pulled pork look absolutely tasty... gotta go eat something now..lol
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amoroso rolls they are the best..i get any of my family coming this way to bring some up along with some casapolla subs
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