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Minon or Not

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Quick question......Gonna use my new WSM for a 7 lb brisket. Have done lots of butts, ribs, chicken, and turkeys, using a Weber Kettle. Would ya'll recommend using the Minion Method or not with the WSM? Got all Saturday to lounge around (probably end up mowing the grass PDT_Armataz_01_02.gif ). Planning on firing the smoker up around 0630hrs to eat around 1830 - 1900 hrs. PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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I don' see why not.
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The Minion startup is what I use w/ the WSM for the longer brisket and butt cooks.
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try it to see if it works for ya i have a ECB offset and i'll put my lit charcoal on the far end of the fire box and pile unlit on the other side and add accordinly as it burns across the firebox works great on a semi calm day but on windy days gotta go full fire
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Used the M. M.. Conditions were 65' and pretty much clear skies with light and variable winds. Since the WSM was new (still shiny on the insides and I'm guessing that reflected alot of the heat), temps went straight to 300 - 310' and stayed there (even after closing all bottom vents). Ended up removing alot of charcoal from the basket. Finally got everything under control and things went pretty well after that. Brisket turned out very tender with a beautiful smoke ring, but a little dry on the bottom part (top flat was just fine). Pulled and foiled when it rached 169', then into the oven until 195'. That's why it got dry I think. Brisket was only 7 lbs. If I use that size again, will foil around 160' -165' and pull it out at 185' - 190'. Pics soon to follow in the Beef thread.
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