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Working from home sure is great :)

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Doing two briskets and a pork shoulder today :)

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Oh Baby! You are off to a good start! Show us the finished porn so we can drool and slobber all over our monitors. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I see you have all that meat well monitored with a covey of wireless thermometers.
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Looking good makes me want to fire up the cooker now.
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Looking great. Can't wait to see the finished product. Drooling
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things are progressing very nicely. I just flipped the meat 8 hours into this cook. The briskets are holding in the 160-165 range and the shoulder is just reaching 160 range. Looks like the pork shoulder might take all night :) I've got some more pics, but I need to drag the laptop into the house to get them off the camera. Will do that shortly and post the link

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Aweekend smoke on a monday! I love it, keep us updatedPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks good stars ...can't wait to see the finished pics ,drool slurp wipePDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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Going good ... can't wait to see the finished product!
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Hey folks, rather than post pics in the thread, I'll just post a link to the site and update it.


The last two pics are after the flip, and I"m about to take some more... Going on 12 hours since the meat went on..... Long plateau.

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Wow!! I'm drooling
Looks excellent!
What time we eatin'?
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As I was taught a long time ago.... It's done when it's DONE! It could be in an hour, or it could be 5 more hours :)
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Starsfan..............YOU THE MAN!! Looks awesome, keep them updates and that porn cominPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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As much as it pains me to admit it, since my beloved Stars are out of the running, I am a Red Wings fan till their gone. I'm hoping for a wings/sabers final.

Oh, btw, still smokin right along. One brisket is almost at the fork doneness, while the second (second rack) is still at the 154* mark. Now the pork, is stuck in it's platuea at around 166*. Spritzing has commenced on the pork and MAN all the meats combined smell great.

About the prep, the top brisket is from a great butcher in the southern denver area and was done using the DR Pepper marinate/pat dry/dry rub method, while the second brisket was marinated in Lowery's Steak and Chop/patted dry/dry rub. Can't wait to try them both. The Pork is rubbed in 'the rub that did me in (from a previous thread) minus about 1/3 of the cayanne.


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WOW, what a long day. After starting around 7:30, I pulled the pork butt at 1:45 when it hit 195*. LONG DAY. Picks are up but only of the first brisket. Was too tired to mess with the rest :)

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Sorta throw a damper in the old saying, "A bad day smoking is better than a good day at work"
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Great looking smoke!!
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that looks great.now i got a picnic shoulder roast thawing.....
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Stars, that's is one fine looking smoke session. Nice smoke ring on the brisket too.

Since we had a bird take up nesting duties in my GOSM, we're kind of going through 'Que withdrawls at my house. Even Ma Dutch admitted to missing the smokey goods that came out of the GOSM. Methinks that I just might be able to wrangle an off-set smoker out of this, especially since my daughter has claimed my old ECB as "hers". icon_twisted.gif It would be cruel of me to take it back wouldn't it!!?? icon_mrgreen.gif

Rule #2 in Dutch's Handbook on the Female Gender: NEVER make you daughters cry. It makes their Mother mad.
Of course Rule #1 is NEVER may your wife cry. It makes for MEAN in-laws!
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Those are rules to live by for sure!

I wish I had pics of the others. The other brisket was very juicy and tender with a very similar smoke ring, and the pork was simply outstanding. Long day, but so very worth it.

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