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Hello, I just found this forum, and all i can say is wow, great job and tons of info. I just purchased a Smokey Mountain Smoker and will be asking alot of questions icon_mrgreen.gif. I used to have a brinkman electric/charcoal, but i found it was a bit much for me with having to tend to it all the time, im really liking this propane smoker now, matter of fact im doing my first chicken as we speak. Wish me luck.

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welcome to the SMF, kevin, glad u found us. Alot of great people here with a lot of knowledge so fire away with any questions and let us know how that bird turns outPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

P.S. we love pic's (food porn)PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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Thanks for the welcome, Pics huh...sounds great. Ill put my new camera to use :)
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Welcome to SMF, friendly folks here, check out Jeff's 5 day E-course, and if you have any questions just ask, some one will jump in with a helping hand.
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Welcome to SMF. A great bunch of folks here.
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Yes i just subscribed to that, looking forward to getting it.
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Yes sir! you have come to the right place!

Greetings from Canada ... and yes we love food porn icon_biggrin.gif

The best of luck with the chickens ....
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welcome to SMF... theres always an answer to any question you may have right here
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Welcome to SMF.
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Hey scarfa , glad your here.
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Welcome Kevin. Glad to have you aboard. Please feel free to share your adventures and to draw from the knowledge of many friendly folks here.

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Kevin, Welcome to our little family!! I have a GOSM myself and think you will really enjoy yourself!!
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Hey scarfa, WELCOME......

I and all here like to see pictures ( they call them "porn" here). I just got a new digital camera also, a canon A630 8MP with all the whistles and bells. What kind did you get?..........icon_lol.gif
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canon PS s3 IS

So far i like it, it might be too much for me tho, as i like point and shoot lol
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Welcome to SMF,Kevin. Glad to have you aboard. These folks know everything you might need to know about smoking up some good "Q"

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The more I read, the better my ribs taste. Low & Slow seems to be the answer to everything!!!

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The S31IS has some good specs...

..............It was a camera I looked at before making my selection. Looking forward to your pix, Harold.........PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Welcome aboard Kevin.
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Nice to have you with us Kevin. Looking forward to seeing you in the Forums.
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Welcome to SMF.
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