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I guess I'd have to say I brew because I can. Just like doing diferent thngs and I heard my grandmother brewed the best beer and wine in the area during prohibition (until she found out it was illegal). Her best customers were cops, judges and laywers and she didn't speak much english. So I though I'd try it. At the time mind you "I didn't care for beer." I found out what I don't care for is skunky beer, watery beer, bitter beers, Bud or knickerbocker. I do like a flavorful, dark malty beers, hoppy IPAs, Scotish ales, and reds, and almost anything I've homebrewed except apple beer.

I don't bottle much anymore I keg everything either 5 gallon or 3 gallon kegs. I've got 10 of each so it makes it easy.

I also make my own soda pop for the kiddies. I've been slowly reducing the amount of sugar over the years so that now they are used to drinking it with about half the sugar of commercial pop and like it that way. I use honey instead of sugar whenever posible.
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i was going to start brewing but had to put it on hold, moving in a couple of days....

the main reason i want to start because i am not a big fan of commercial beers for different reasons... too bitter, too watery, etc etc.. i think i can brew my own and like my own better....

Watery Eyes, if you want to get rid of some of your equipment, let me know, i am only a short trip away from you... i have been actually working closer to you the last little bit than i live from you... was in Orchard Lake this past weekend and will be in Birmingham this weekend
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I'll do you one better - I'll give you my advice and service when you want to jump in.

I want to hold on to the equipment in case I get back in for a light lager.

You tell me when and where - and I will be there to help you through your first brew.
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well thank you very much for the offer.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif ... i think i am going to put off some brewing until the fall... work is starting to get busy and have many unfinished projects already on the way... i want to make sure i do things right and not rush it
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That is the best attitude to have about it.
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Teacup -

You will be amazed how much better homebrew is compared to the commercial crap most people drink!
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i have drunk homebrew b4, my buddies dad use to brew it when we were young, nothing like a nice homebrew...

the only commercial beer that i can handle right now is Newcastle Brown Ale and i really only enjoy it when its on tap...

mind you we have been getting some quality Canadian beer where i live now, i do enjoy my Sleemans products....
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Teacup have you begun working on your first batch yet?

Thinking about doing a batch myself but not sure what to make
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I'd make a nice summer brew. I've got a picnic comming up for work the end of August I've got to get brewing for. I'm doing my 1950's Balentine Ale Clone an IPA and my German Alt Beer. Might do a my Corona Prone for the ladies but they never drink enough to make it worth my while - maybe a 3 gallon batch.
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Just brewed a DogFish Head Raison D'Etra clone this 4th of July! Can't wait. Not a summer beer by any means but one of my favorites. I was aided by my new diaphragm pump and stir plate. No more lifting gallons of wort for me! the stir-plate got the yeast going in record time too!
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no i havent started working on a batch as of yet....

work decided that i needed to be in Atlantic City for the summer... nice oceans, no good Q, no good beer....cant wait to get back to

as for making a batch yourself, i dont know if you have brewed b4 but everybody suggests that for a first timer is to make an ale, seems to be the easiest...
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I went to England a few weeks ago and talk about some great beer. Was in Manchester and only drank local stuff, nothing that you can get in the States. Found one called Joeseph Holt and got to tell you it was the best beer I have ever had. I called every place around Columbus Ohio that has imports and no one had even heard of it. Finally emailed the brewery and asked about it and they dont ship over seas.mad.gif I found out they do sell it in cans packaged with a widget, now I just need to find someone to smuggle a few cases in for me. Anyone up for a beer run?biggrin.gif
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Twistertail -

Which one did you have?

Looks like they use Maris Otter malt and Styrian Goldings hops so you might be able to replicate it. Browns are pretty basic.
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