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my first all-nighter

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doing my first all-nighter tonight. i have a 10.5 lb packer brisket, a stuffed fatty (JD sage, stuffed with pepperoni and cheddar cheese), and 17 ABT's (9 diced ham and cheddar, and 8 pepperoni and cheddar). i will post pics tomorrow, by updating this thread.
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looking forward to seeing these pics... i just ate but your menu just made go get some more to eat..lol
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Yummy! You just reminded me I forgot I bought Jalepinos this week. Oh well I can smoke em Monday!
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all nighter

dang chris pulling an all nighter after a wedding and reception man you are hardcore..just getting ready to fire up here for them meatloafs and a fattie.

be lookin for that porn
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Sounds like a great plan Chris. I hope it all comes together for you. I can't wait for the end results and the porn.
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Great time of year for an all nighter. Don't forget the cowboy coffee on top of the firebox or even in the firebox if you have the right pot.
Hmmmmm....................Anyone ever smoke coffee?
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Tom -

Do you smoke the beans? whole or ground? Sounds neat! I wouldn't think they'd absorb the smoke - they're so hard. A new way to slow raostcoffe beans huh?
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Wake up Chris!!!PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif an all niter does not mean u can sleep all dayerconfused.gif were waiting for updates and pics
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I have never smoked coffee. I was asking if anyone HAD ever. When I do an all nighter, I put a pot of coffee on the firebox and let it cook like that. But I do cowboy coffee, where you just but your grounds in the water, no filter. I drink mine straight, and my wife strains the grounds out.
I was just curious if anyone had ever just put an open coffee pot in the smoker. I may have to try it.
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Sorry, no coffee on the smoker, but a full cooler VERY near the coolerPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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ok, as promised, here is the (food) porn. i don't drink coffee. we didn't go to the reception, as we had a 2 hour drive back home. here is a pic of the brisket whole, a pic of it sliced and pulled, and one of me pulling the point. for once i let my wife take the pics. she asked why must i take pics everytime. i told her it's the rules. the beans were hot! i used a 28 oz can of bush's beans, and a small can of diced jalapenos, a small can of green chiles (said mild on it), some brown sugar, and some ketchup. i liked them, but everyone else said they were too hot for them. the potatoes, i ended up just baking them in the oven. i bought the big baking potatoes. i put some butter, shredded cheese, and pulled brisket in mine. the abt's were very good. i will be doing them this way again. i am going to use some of the pulled point in enchiladas. the fatty was good too, with the cheese and pepperoni in it.
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Amazing smoke ring, nice turnout ChrisPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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i put it in the smoker when it was at 125° or so. i let it stay in there as the hear came up to temp. i discovered one time that i get a nice smoke ring then. i put in the fatty and the abt's then too. i let them smoke for 4 hours total. tasty was the end result.
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Good job Chris ...great lookin grub ....pass the ABT'S please slurp slurp ...lolPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looking good Chris and a dang good smoke ring to boot.
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Looks great ! Awesome Job
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Very nice Chris - Now isn't that worth a few hours of sleep? PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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debi, yep. i went to wal-mart last night to get some stuff, and looked at the vacuum sealers too. the one for $39.99 was not on the shelf. i waited around a bit to see if they were going to put some out, as they were stocking the shelves. i went back just a bit ago, and still none. i guess they are out. i want to compare them all, and see which one i want for my needs. if that one will work, for me, just as good as the one for $59.99, i will get it. on wal-mart's web site, it only shows the "foodsaver" brand they carry. they are $97.99 and $128.99.
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Chris, if you don't mind my 2 cents here, the Black and Decker model is no where near the quality of the Tillia. And the bags are pure junk. I had one and used their bags, and nothing but disappointment.
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WooooooHoooooooo, the Smokaholic Rides Again!!!! Looks great Chris. Very nice smoke ring!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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