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Anyone ever smoke this?

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How long would you smoke these and what wood would you use?

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O.K. Paul, u put this in the joke section so are u kidding or serious?
Can u smoke the worlds perfect can meat??? why not, wrap in a little bacon and apply some rubPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif u might have something
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Depends on which smoker I use and whatever wood I am using for the main cook.
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I thought that putting this in the 'joke 'section would be the best place ... I haven't eaten this S*** since I was a kid! icon_lol.gif
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Folks have done it. Check out these threads and there are even more if you do a search for "spam"

BBQ BUBBA....check your PM'sicon_wink.gif
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If you can eat it you can smoke it!
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You have to put SPAM in the jokes section. You can't catagorize it as any specific meat. Maybe poultry, it does have chicken lips in it. Or maybe pork. I'm pretty sure there is pig somewhere in the jelly. LOL
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Just because you can smoke it ... should you?

I used to try to smoke spaghetti ... but it kept falling through the grill !
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ROFLMAO! Put it in a pan sweetheart then it'll work. Never tried it though.
Now meatballs are great smoked kind of like little round meatloafs! Yummmm
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Hey Squeezy your lying it the wrong way on the grill :) ....lolPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Aha! ... thanks T-bone, I'll have to give that a try ... don't know why I never thought of that?
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