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my butts

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Did two pork butts today. Rubbed with honey mustard and Legg's Seasoning. Quite tastee.
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looks good. mmmmmm, pulled pork sammies.
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Man ol' Man that do look good! Lot's of blue smoke in the mountain state today!
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Drooling!!! That looks awesome. Fantastic looking bark, the color is great!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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emmmmhmmmmemmm! Yummy looking pig meat Hillbilly! tongue.gif
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Great color on that butt! Well done!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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That looks great
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Hey Hillbilly, how do you like those bear claw shredders? I bought myself a pair on ebay but have yet to try them. Do they work as well as they say?
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Hi BillyQ, That is exactly where I got mine and to answer your question....yes, they work super well.
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Hey Hillbilly, those butts look delichhhh! Makes me want to fire my grill up tomorrow and do some too.I've never seen a set up like you got there. Do you cook it in the top section or the bottom??

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Paul -

The top.

Hillbilly -

I think I'd need a ladder for that setup though. Probably could reach the water pan!
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Yeah Debi, but it keeps the neighborhood kids active. Climbing builds the large muscle groups.
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LOL Yeah but it's tough for us shortys!

I got some pitchfork looking grabbers/shreaders from some outfit called pampered chef - my sons girlfriend had a party and I had to go - hate those things! Some nice stuff though it was relatively painless.
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Good old WV frog gig would put you right up there
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LOL Might at that Hillbilly!
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shhhh dont tell anybody but your butt looks

nice color and i bet the flavor was awesome
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