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Pulled pork

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How much smoke should I have in this? Should it be normal or heavy? I read Jeff's instructions and it said heavy smoke. This is my first and I want it right.

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heavy smoke all the way! I smoke pork butts 8 to 12 hours (depending on their size) unwrapped with hickory wood. Always turn out great. Good Luck!
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Thin Blue for you! The smoke flavor will be absorbed as long as there is smoke being produced. The smoke ring will stop forming after about 140F. Also if you foil the meat there is no reason for smoke.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Smokelover -

Don't confuse the term "heavy Smoke" with thick bilowy smoke.

The smoke itself should always be thin, light and blue.

The reference to "Heavy Smoke" means smoke with wood for a long time not just the first few hours. Often when you smoke meat it only needs wood for a few hours not the whole time it's in the smoker.

To much smoke all at once will make the food taste like a day old camp fire.

Now go kick some Butt!
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