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Makin Bacon

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Okay, finally got a pork belly, was not cheap over 4 bucks a pound......good lord, but anyway wanted to try my hands at regular bacon, afterall the buckboard turned out I'm following a recipe from alton brown off his "scrap iron chef" episode, here is the belly before I cut it in half....
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That looks good even before it's cured and

Bethcha that's going to be some great eats!! Good to see you smoked, how ya feeling??
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well with my blood condition and the war being waged inside my body killing those platlettes off.....I'm constantly tired and worn out, feeling much older then I really am......

but back to the bacon, here is more porn, after cut in half, peppered, and in the brine......
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Keep us up on this, bet it works great. pics!
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Sorry to hear that Smoked, sure hope you get to feeling better soon.icon_wink.gif
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Same here Smokedicon_exclaim.gif .

Looks like a good start on the Bacon. I can't even get anyone to order me a bellyicon_evil.gif .
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it took me a long time to find someone who would, and even then the belly was 4.7 pounds and cost me 18.93.........not cheap by any means PDT_Armataz_01_10.gif I have been able to buy processed bacon cheaper then 4 bucks a pound!!!!!!!
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well wishes from our family... good luck with that bacon lookin good so far
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My local butcher sells them for $1.89 per pound. Sorry to hear they're so much...I haven't even asked the local grocery store butcher...
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You got some great looking bellies there Smoked. Should make some great bacon.

Hope your feeling better soon!

{{{{{Big Hugs and prayers}}}}}
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Okay today's the day to the bellies came out of the brine, patted dry, let the pellicle form and off to the cold box. I'm running the masterbuilt at 250 and using apple wood to feed the cold box, right now the cold box is running 70 degrees....will have a 6 hour smoke session...

porn as follows so far:
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Suck it up Nancy!!! I'm serious. Don't think about your sickness. See the doctor when needed, but sweat it out. I know your a tough guy, but suck it up and you'll be fine.

Our prayers are with you...............yes I'm serious.

Bacon looks good, you got screwed, but it still looks good....icon_biggrin.gif

Take care man, keep us updated on YOUR condition. Please, no pics of you........just the bacon. PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

PS......mow the frigg'n lawn!
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biggrin.gif well today is a good day, I'm feeling good and not my typical completely worn out feeling. Weather is crappy, gonna rain....but I already let the bellies sit in the brine an extra day!!!!!
I go in for a complete blood test the end of this month and will see where my platelettes are at then.....
as for the lawn, the back is actually the boy's job....but with how much rain we have gotten it's too wet to I need to buy a new lawn mower!!!!! and yes, will need to fill the dang pool up and get that running again...... icon_redface.gif
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Hang in there, right now nobody cares about your bacon, just you. Keep us updated on your tests. Keep your head up, don't drag your a$$, and keep a positive mind. The mind IS a powerful thing.

Take care PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Talk to "Bob", what he takes may cure you.LOL
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great looking bacon. I will definitely lift you up in my prayers each day in hopes that things rapidly improve for you.
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