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Hello from Texas

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Hi, another BBQ forum I see. Anyhow, glad to be here.
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Glad you found it 397. Let us know what ya got for a smoker(or what your look'n for) and a little bit about yourself.

Great people on this site, willing to help out when ever they can.
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Welcome to the forum.
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Hey Numbers, nice to see ya around!!!
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Welcome, welcome!

Glad you have joined us here at SMF!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome aboard, lots of Texans on the forum. What kind of equipment are you cooking with? Got all kinds on here and everyone is welcome.icon_smile.gif
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Welcome to the SMF 3970010. Jump right
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Welcome to SMF 397!!! Glad to see you here.
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Hey 397 , welcome. Glad your here.
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Another BBQ forum!! Is there another? This is the BEST BBQ forum - bar none. Welcome to SMF 3970010. Glad to have you here. Post often, ask questions, and bring some pics... we love those pics.

Keep Smokin
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welcome 397

Welcome from a fellow Texan. Newbie myself, but seems to be a bunch of really good folks here and will be fun to visit. These guys like pictures though(I in the sling already cause my little camera won't work).icon_redface.gif
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icon_lol.gif Welcome -

We seem to be getting alot of Texans here lately! Let's talk smoke!
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hello, welcome to SMF, from a fellow texan. what kind of smoker you have (or want)? i have a homemade horizontal offset. what part of texas you live in? waco here. i can get some free wood, if you are kinda close to me.
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Welcome to the SMF PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome 397 from a fellow Texan. Enjoy your stay.
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Welcome to SMF.
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