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path to riteousness

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Thanks to SRMONTY for the invitation to the OBS. I will try to uphold all the expectations required of an inductee. Hope You see my humor and intrest in the forum. I am a true purist and will impart my answers and curiosity to that end. Thanks again for the oppurtunity.
To a long and delicious relationship. As for post, I'm retired and that leaves with time to burn, unless "CRS" disease sets in, uh,what?eek.gif
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Congrats! And welcome to th OTBS
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Uhhh, perhaps there is a misunderstanding here. In a reply PM I advised Stan of the criteria for entry into the O.T.B.S. There was no nomination and "invitations" to the O.T.B.S. are not given before earned.

Hope this clears up any questions.

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hey CRS effects all ages...my wife is 20 and she has a full blown case of it..lmao

welcome aboard
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CRS in action

Uh, please overlook my ignorance. NEWBY syndrome or something- actually it's a case of not paying attention. If I had a penny for every time the Wife said "get your head out of------- ---- and pay attention", I'd be rich. O.K. I'll listen this time.
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LOL, welcome aboardicon_razz.gif
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Not a problem, Stan! I can see we are gonna have a great time! Glad you are here! Enjoy!
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